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Province VII

The Provincial Coordinators for Province VII are The Rev. Jerry Kolb and Mrs. Brenda Kolb.

Diocese Chaplain
Arkansas No Chaplain
Dallas The Rev. Cn. David Petrash
Fort Worth The Rev. Courtland (Court) Moore
The Rev. Susan Slaughter
The Rev. Maurine (Mo) Lewis
Kansas Ms. Kay Brandt
The Rev. Cn. George Wiley
Northwest Texas The Rev. William Wright
Mrs. Patricia Wright
Oklahoma The Rev. Bob Gates
Mrs. Georgia Gates
Rio Grande

The Rev. Stephen Caldwell
Mrs. Barbara Caldwell
The Rev. John Zachritz
Mrs. Helen Marie Zachritz
The Rev. Deacon Bud Milner

Northeast - Tyler & East Texas
Northeast - Tyler & East Texas
West - Austin & Waco
The Very Rev. M.L. Agnew, Jr.
Mrs. Patty Agnew
The Rev. Janne Alrø Osborne
West Missouri

The Rev. Jerry Kolb
Mrs. Brenda Kolb
The Rev. Jerry Miller
Mrs. Betty Miller

West Texas The Rev. Betty Fuller
The Rev. Frank Fuller
Western Kansas The Very Rev. Jerry Jones
Mrs. Susan Jones
Western Louisiana The Rev. William R. Bryant


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