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As a wellness resource for the Episcopal Church, CREDO helps both active and retired clergy pension plan participants by presenting a holistic approach to wellness for mind, body, spirit and heart. Participants examine and evaluate their health and wellness from four specific areas of their lives:

  • Spiritual
  • Vocational
  • Physical and Emotional Health
  • Financial

Since 1997, CREDO conferences have helped more than 6,000 clergy, 130 bishops, and 400 lay employees by providing an invitation for in-depth reflection into one’s life and the direction of one’s vocation. The standard conference process involves:

  • Pre-conference work
  • Plenary presentations
  • Workshops
  • Individual consultations
  • Small groups
  • Worship
  • Reflection time
  • Personal time

CREDO maintains an array of web-based lifelong wellness resources to support participants after the conference experience.

To learn more about CREDO's wellness resources, visit CREDO.

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