Pensions Overview


Be Smart About Your Taxes

Did you know that moving for interim work in retirement could impact your housing allowance? Tax planning in retirement is complicated, but these resources can help:

Visit our Tax Resource Center for more information.

Working While Pensioned

You may serve the Church and receive your pension benefits in retirement provided:

  • You do not work for pay in the institution from which you retired
  • Your total compensation from Episcopal Church-related income does not exceed $37,200 for 2016.

Exceptions must be authorized. View details

Moving or Changing Banks?

Be sure to let us know right away, so we don’t miss a beat delivering your benefits.

Retirement Benefits available for Same-Gender Spouses

As you know, if you are legally married to a same-gender spouse, your spouse is eligible for full spousal benefits if you earn at least three years of credited service while married.

Acknowledging that same-gender marriage was only recently recognized nationally, and also in response to General Convention Resolution 2015-D047, we are relaxing the requirements for same-gender spouses to qualify for benefits until December 31, 2017.

For more information, see Survivors' Benefits.