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Following is information on the Comprehensive, Plus and Premium Medicare Supplement Health Plans offered by the Medical Trust.

With each plan, you are responsible for some out-of-pocket expenses, up to certain annual out-of-pocket maximums. Please note that your vision care, and copayments do not count toward the annual out-of-pocket maximums.

Compare your out-of-pocket costs for all three plans.

Your Monthly Costs 2020

Below are your monthly costs if you decide to purchase one of the Medicare Supplement Health Plans.

Plan With Pharmacy  Without Pharmacy 
  2020 2020
Comprehensive $380 $210
Plus $505 $245
Premium $590 $295

*If you enroll in a Medicare Supplement Health Plan, select the added pharmacy benefit unless you are already enrolled in Medicare Part D.

Your Out-of-Pocket Costs


  1. The Prescription Drug Benefit information is only applicable to the Medicare Supplement Health Plans with the pharmacy benefit option.
  2. This vision information describes the network benefit. See the plan's Summary of Benefits and Coverage for details about out-of-network vision benefits.
  3. Vision copayments and the prescription drug copayments do not apply to the annual out-of-pocket maximum.

Health benefits are offered through plans maintained by Church Pension Group Services Corporation (doing business as The Episcopal Church Medical Trust), 19 East 34th Street, New York, NY 10016.

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