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Benefit Payments

Payment Amount

While you are on disability, your employer receives a benefit of 70% of your total compensation (maximum of $1,000 per week) for up to one year to help fund your temporary replacement.

Your employer must sign a Covenant Form, agreeing to pay you your full compensation, plus benefits, and to continue paying pension assessments on your behalf while you are out on disability.

Payment Schedule

Once you are approved for Short Term Disability benefits, your church organization may be eligible to receive monthly payments for up to 52 weeks, subject to ongoing review by Liberty Mutual*. The first payment will include any retroactive payments beginning after the 30-day elimination period.

In order to continue qualifying for benefits, you must be periodically certified by Liberty Mutual and remain in a doctor’s care.

Working Part-Time

If you can work part-time but have lost at least 20% of your earnings, your employer will continue to receive up to 70% of your lost wages (up to $1,000 per week). The benefit for loss of more than 20% of earnings is prorated, based on the number of hours worked.

If Your Disability Lasts More Than Six Months

You may be contacted by the The Church Pension Fund to discuss alternatives to short term disability benefits. For example, if the disability is expected to impact you for longer than one year, you may wish to apply for the Disability Retirement Pension Benefit.

*Liberty Mutual Life Assurance Company of Boston

Disability Insurance Disclaimer

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