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None of us wants to outlive our savings. If you are in, or near retirement, our calculator can help you:

  • Estimate how much of your retirement savings you can spend
  • Develop a measure of confidence around how long your savings will last
  • Build a retirement spending budget

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About This Tool

Use the calculator as a guest, or create an account so you can return later to update, check your report, or model different scenarios.

The tool asks for basic information about you (and your spouse, if appropriate), your retirement savings and the number of years you expect to be in retirement. Then it projects how much of your savings you can spend each year.

Your Personalized Report provides a detailed breakdown of your income and expenses in retirement!

Information Used

» Your age now, planned retirement age, and estimated number of years in retirement

» Your anticipated total savings at retirement

» Your expected retirement income (from your pension, Social Security, etc.)

» Your estimated monthly expenses in retirement

Retirement Tools & Resources

We offer a number of Tools and Resources to help you plan for, and manage your retirement, including…

  • PlanAhead for Retirement® Online
  • Webinar Workshops
  • Financial Planning worksheets

For a complete list of our Retirement Tools & Resources, visit your section of the website:

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Got Questions

For questions about using the calculator, or taking the next step toward a secure retirement

Contact: Laurence Dresner
Telephone: (800) 223-6602 ext.1803