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Disability Insurance Overview


New Disability Vendor

Zurich American Life Insurance Company (Zurich) has been selected as the new administrator for our group short-term and long-term disability benefits programs, effective January 1, 2020.

We will contact diocesan administrators soon to discuss the group enrollment process. Employers will then receive an enrollment packet in September.

Administrators responsible for group enrollment should register for one of our upcoming webinars taking place on Tuesday, September 24 and Thursday, October 10 to learn more about:

  • New available plan options
  • Key dates, open enrollment and next steps
  • Enhanced service model

All communications regarding the change will also be posted in Documents & Mailings. Stay tuned for further details!

Why Offer Disability Coverage?

Disability coverage protects your employees and your organization when an employee is too sick or injured to work. This coverage assures that employees have income while they’re disabled and – in some cases – provides funds to your organization to hire a temporary replacement.

The Church Pension Fund makes available two types of disability coverage: Short-Term Disability Benefit and Long-Term Disability Insurance


Protect Your Employees and Organization

You may offer and promote both Short-Term Disability Benefit and Long-Term Disability Insurance to all of your employees. Enroll your organization in this benefit during two enrollment periods each year.

Enroll employees within 31 days of their date of hire to guarantee acceptance and avoid paying back premiums. 



Short-term disability and long-term disability insurance policies are underwritten and issued by Lincoln Financial Group.