Church Pension Group | Life Insurance Overview


Life Insurance Products

Church Life offers a variety of life insurance products for active and retired clergy and lay employees.

  • Employer-provided group life term insurance
  • Supplemental life insurance (for participants in group life term insurance policies)
  • Clergy Pension Plan group life insurance

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Why Group Life Insurance?

Group Life insurance provides group term life insurance coverage to eligible employees. As an employer, you may offer group term life insurance through Church Life as a benefit to your employees. Employees who are enrolled in group life are eligible to purchase Supplemental Life Insurance.

The Church Pension Fund offers group term life insurance to eligible clergy as a benefit of the Clergy Pension Plan.

To learn more about group term life insurance, read more here.

Enrolling New Employees

If you offer group life insurance and supplement life insurance, employees must be enrolled when they are hired.

Use the Employee Enrollment Form for Group Term Life Insurance to enroll new employees in the group life term life insurance. Employees who elect to purchase supplemental life insurance will be mailed an enrollment packet from Church Life.