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Liturgical Calendar

2024 Liturgical eCalendar

Now available free of charge for your computer or mobile device!

Planning calendar of all Episcopal Sundays, Major and Lesser Feasts.

Simply download and import into iCal, Outlook, Google calendar or other standards compliant electronic calendar program, and have access to the information you need to plan the liturgical year without needing a separate program. Instructions included.

Download the 2024 eCalendar!

Liturgical Calendar Online

Our online liturgical calendar displays holy days and feasts* to assist you in planning liturgies and music in your parish.

To view the calendar:

  1. 1. Select a month and year from dropdown menu below
  2. 2. Click the Show Calendar button

The subsequent 3 months of holy days and feasts will be displayed.

*Please note that the calendar shows the exact date for the feasts and does not present alternative celebration days for those feasts that fall on Sundays or during Holy Week, Easter Week or other major feasts.