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Who am I? Who is God calling me to be?

Maybe you thought you answered those questions long ago. Perhaps it’s time to address them once again. Taking the time to intentionally focus and reflect on what makes you authentically “you” is a matter of wellness. As a clergy member of the Episcopal Church, your time is often not your own. Your personal wellness may have taken a back seat to the cares and concerns of those you serve in ministry. Yet, your personal health and well-being are vital, not only to yourself but also to the health of your family and your faith community.

At a CREDO conference, you will experience a space and time devoted to intentional reflection, evaluation, and re-assessment of your total wellness—physical, psychological, spiritual, vocational and financial. The CREDO conference experience will engage you in a renewed sense of identity, a re-energized commitment to holistic health, and a refreshed and re-charged sense of ministry. At CREDO, you’ll find a rejuvenating, supportive Christian community that will nurture your personal well-being and remind you that the wisdom and grace of God is nearer than the very breath you take.


A benefit of The Church Pension Fund for active or retired clergy who are in good standing, CREDO conferences are designed to promote wellness in clergy at various points in their ministry.

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CREDO Conferences

Since 1997, CREDO conferences have provided clergy with a multifaceted wellness experience that many have described as life-changing.

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Lifelong Wellness

CREDO is more than a conference experience. Participants return home to deepen their journey toward wellness through Continuing CREDO and in the four conference themes of Spiritual, Vocational, Financial, and Physical/Psychological Health and Wellness.

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