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Fidelity Introduces Simplified Contribution Platform (SCP)

The current paper-based PLRS system for submitting remittances to CPF's Lay DC and RSVP plans is being replaced with a new, quick and efficient online system. During 2018, each employer will transition to the new platform. Effective January 1, 2019, the paper-based system will no longer be available.

Get started with SCP now! Provide your contact information as soon as possible at:

Questions? Call the Fidelity Service Team at (800) 917-4369, refer to the User Guide or Training Video.

For more details see the recently mailed letter or go to Remittance.

Please note - Those currently using PSW are not affected by the transition at this time.

2018 Federal Reporting Requirements for Episcopal Churches

The 2018 guide for filing clergy and lay employee wages with the IRS has been released. Go to Tax Resources or download the guide.

Coming soon...The 2018 Tax Guide for Episcopal Ministers (for filing 2017 tax returns).

  • Download the updated Employee Roster (ER) User Guide.
  • Please use the new Employment Change Form to report any New Assignment and Compensation Changes for Clergy and Lay Employees in 2018.
  • A letter and worksheet regarding impact of pension plan revisions on TAC for clerics receiving employer provided housing were recently mailed out. Learn more. 
  • Download and print updated At-A-Glance Contact Lists. A great resource for you and your members.
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  • Upcoming Conferences
    • 2018 BPC will be May 7-11 at Kanuga
    • 2018 EBAC will be Oct 1-4 at the Park Central Hotel
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