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Church Insurance offers a broad range of property, casualty, and other insurance products tailored for the special needs of Episcopal institutions. Our insurance policies are designed to protect your organization’s most valuable assets – its people, property, and finances.

Review the Understanding Your Insurance Policy Factsheet to help make reading your policy easier.

Our Understanding Coverage Changes Factsheet shows you how we adapt to serve your changing needs.

Ask an Expert if you have a specific question about any of our products or services.

Property Insurance

Insure against physical damage to your organization’s buildings, their contents, and other types of property.

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Liability Insurance

Protect your organization and its people* from lawsuits and injuries.

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Commercial Crime Insurance/Dishonesty Bond

Protect against dishonesty, fraud, and forgery from both those within your organization and outside it.

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Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance

Provides coverage if “wrongful acts,” including allegations of fraud, fiduciary misconduct, or other serious wrongdoing occur.

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Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Insure against discrimination, wrongful termination of employment, sexual harassment, and other employment-related claims.

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Business Automobile Liability Insurance

Protect against liability arising from the ownership, maintenance, or use of covered motor vehicles.

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Workers’ Compensation and Employers’ Liability Insurance

Cover your organization against common law liability for workplace injuries and provides state-mandated benefits for injured workers.

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International Travel Insurance

Protect your people* against any unexpected injuries, illnesses, or travel risks while traveling abroad on behalf of your organization.

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Excess Liability Insurance

Provide an additional layer of financial protection (up to $10 million) in the event that other policies cannot cover a loss.

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*Including employees, vestry members, directors, trustees, and volunteers.


What insurance coverages does Church Insurance offer?

Because of our unique positioning, we have the flexibility to create policies that cover all your needs in one package.

How has Church Insurance adapted to meet the needs of an evolving church?

As ministries have developed greater reach into communities, we have kept pace through new and expanded coverages.


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