Security Update - June 27, 2018

After detecting suspicious activity within our network, we took the precautionary measure on Monday evening, June 25, to shut down our network temporarily. This shut down included our telephone, email, website, and all business applications.

We are working with external security firms to ensure we know the full extent of any activity. Our assessment so far is that no financial or administrative systems or client data has been compromised.

We began bringing our systems back online on Tuesday afternoon, June 26, and will continue closely monitoring our systems until we have restored all operations. We will keep you apprised of our progress.

The Revd. Clayton D. Crawley
EVP, Chief Information Officer


Follow-up Report to General Convention

This follow-up Report to General Convention is our Perspective special edition for the 79th General Convention. The report features CPG’s relationship with the Church, CPG’s responsiveness to ever-changing client needs, and CPG’s commitment to Church values.

View the report and videos.

Learn about CPG's longstanding commitment to lay employees and the benefits provided to them by CPG.

79th General Convention

Learn more about CPG and its three lines of business (benefits, property and casualty insurance, and publishing) and access CPG's reports to General Convention and information about events CPG is sponsoring.

Visit our 79th General Convention website here.

Clergy Pension Plan Revisions

The revisions to the Clergy Pension Plan are effective January 1, 2018.

Observing a Century of Service

When The Church Pension Fund (CPF) began operations in 1917, Bishop William Lawrence set out to create a pension fund that would enable clergy to retire with dignity. Since then our charter has expanded to include other products and services, and to cover lay employees who are critical to the Church’s ability to fulfill its mission.

A century later, Bishop Lawrence’s intention lives on in our vision, which is to provide our clients with the highest possible level of financial security in retirement consistent with exemplary financial stewardship on our part and with the evolving needs of the Church.

Learn more about how CPF continues to serve the changing needs of the Church.

2018 Annual Report

The 2018 Annual Report is now available. Access the Annual Report.

Get to Know CPG

Read The Living Church interview with CPG’s CEO and President Mary Kate Wold, or watch the recent ECF Webinar in which she discusses current initiatives and answers some frequently asked questions heard by CPG from the Church. 

See CPG in a Whole New Way

New Podcast

Dr. Matthew Price and Senior Research Analyst Anne Hurst discuss how CPG is adapting to the new clergy reality.

Clergy Deployment Trends

Learn how clergy deployment trends have changed in the Episcopal Church. View the webinar.