For Clergy and Spouses

The Reverend Lynn Sanders Vicar

For Lay Employees & Spouses

Mark Miliotto Director of Finance

For Administrators

Noel Garcia | Anne Vickers Controller | Canon for Finance and Administration

A Message from Mary Kate Wold
CEO & President

Additional Support and Financial Relief

We continue to identify additional ways to support you as we witness the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on many institutions and individuals around the Church.

We have offered relief in the form of clergy pension assessment waivers for the neediest congregations within the Episcopal Church, and we have waived specific out-of-pocket expenses associated with coronavirus detection and treatment for members of The Episcopal Church Medical Trust.

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Stress testing our pension plans.

A Message from Roger Sayler
Chief Investment Officer

Reminder: Stay Calm

We understand that significant market declines are unsettling, but they are expected. At the Church Pension Group, we plan for them. Please view the adjacent videos where I provide an update on the financial health of The Church Pension Fund, and describe how we conduct regular “stress tests” of our pension plans to see the potential impacts of highs and lows in the stock market on these plans. We have modeled volatility similar to what we’re experiencing currently, and our models give us confidence that all will be well.

Investment Update 4/3/20

Annual stress testing helps us take a long-term view. We have a broadly diversified portfolio of assets and a commitment to ongoing financial discipline that have helped us buffer market declines and recover well from past dips in the market. I am confident that the same investment philosophy and approach will guide us through this volatility too. Today’s situation is different from the one referenced in the video, but our message is the same. We remain focused, steady, and confident. I hope you will too.

Coronavirus Response

Learn how CPG is monitoring and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

CPG Employees are working remotely through May 2020.

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