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4/10/2015 Update

Premera Cyberattack

Anthem has notified CPG that Premera has been the target of a sophisticated cyberattack. Premera and Anthem are two distinct companies that are part of the BlueCross BlueShield system. Anthem informed us that members who have been impacted by the Premera cyberattack should hear directly from Premera if they haven’t already.

For more information, see We expect the Premera website will be updated as the investigation progresses.

Anthem Data Breach

CPG was notified in early February that Anthem experienced a data breach. Anthem told us that they would be contacting members directly with information regarding the data breach. We understand from Anthem that emails sent to members regarding the data breach will not ask for personal information and will not reference any other website. Be aware of scam email campaigns and phone calls. 

See or Anthem Data Breach for more information. We expect the Anthem website will be updated as the investigation progresses.