For Clergy and Spouses

Charles Simmons Priest-In-Charge

For Lay Employees & Spouses

Susan Mills Missioner for Diocesan Services

For Administrators

Noel Garcia | Anne Vickers Controller | Canon for Finance and Administration

World View: Enhancing International Clergy Benefits

Recent benefit enhancements for the clergythose who participate in the International Clergy Pension Plan are part of providing the highest level of services and resources possible to all our clients. Learn more about these enhancements in CPG Connect, along with other articles on the ways we are living our values as we support those who serve the Church.

Addressing the Growing Housing Crisis

The Church Pension Fund’s $20 million investment is a fund managed by Turner Impact Capital will help preserve much needed workforce housing in communities nationwide.

Stopping the Hate

Cries to “Stop Asian Hate” have grown louder in the wake of recent verbal and physical attacks against people of Asian descent in the United States.

Read more about our stance against racism and our Commitment to Equality.

Be Part of the Picture

A diverse picture of The Episcopal Church is coming into focus
and we want to make sure that all clergy are a part of it.

Let's Get Started

Learn more about this initiative.

Coronavirus Response

How CPG is monitoring and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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