MyCigna Enhancements

Starting March 17, 2021, Cigna will require the use of two-step authentication for myCigna online account access.

Email notifications will be sent to anyone who has not yet activated two-step authentication, to let them know it is no longer optional.

To use two-step authentication, people must have a valid mobile phone number or valid email address. On March 17, those who have not yet added two-step authentication will not be able to access their online accounts until they do so.

For questions, please call 800-244-6224.

We Are Here to Help

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free, confidential 24-hour service that can help you access the resources you need if you want someone to talk to.

As a reminder, the EAP is here to help if you are struggling in the wake of recent disasters or traumatic events.

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Pharmacy Benefits

Prescription medications are important for maintaining and improving your health and well-being, but the costs can add up quickly.

Our managed prescription drug program with Express Scripts helps keep your costs down.

For more information, please visit our Pharmacy Benefits page.