Investment Management

Investment Management

Well-Funded Pension Plan

The Church Pension Fund is a private tax exempt organization that has been in continuous operation since 1917. The plan is very well funded and has maintained strong liquidity through market cycles. The Investment Staff and Board of Trustees are dedicated to providing pension, medical, and other benefits to those serving The Episcopal Church.

Long-Term Orientation

The focus of the investment program is on long-term results. We are patient and steadfast investors who have a history of staying the course in difficult times. This approach has been consistently supported by our Board of Trustees and Investment Committee.

Global Approach

We have a long history of investing outside of the U.S. in both public and private markets. In recognition of the growing importance of investing globally and the advantage of having a local presence, we opened a representative office in Hong Kong in 2009.

Diversified and Opportunistic

The Fund is large enough to invest in any asset class or strategy but small enough to be managed in an efficient and opportunistic manner. The investment program is broadly diversified by asset class, strategy, and geography. While we have a well-defined policy portfolio, we have the flexibility to be nimble and tactical.

Experienced Staff

The Investment Staff has many years of investing experience. Staff turnover has been very low, which fosters a collaborative approach to investing. While the staff is organized by investment specialty, each senior investment professional has responsibility for some managers outside of his/her area of specialization.

Proactive and Long-Term Manager Relationships

We believe it is our responsibility to be fair, informed, and patient long-term investors. We are inquisitive and actively involved but not intrusive. We expect our managers and general partners to share these same partnership values and work closely with us.

Excellent Investment Results

Investment results have been excellent, with returns ahead of the benchmarks established by the Board of Trustees for evaluating the investment program. This has resulted in major enhancements to pension and other benefits, thereby providing a dignified retirement for those who have given their lives to the support and guidance of others.