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Whether you are starting out, in the middle of your career, or are approaching retirement, our education and resources will inform, engage, and inspire you as you set the foundation for realizing your goals now and throughout life. You'll learn from our team of financial experts how to identify your financial goals and create a realistic plan to ensure a secure retirement.

Finance Fundamentals

Learn the basics of personal finances with the help of articles and resources in our curriculum.

Where Is Your Money Going?

Manage your cash flow and make the most of every dollar!


Your Roadmap to Savings and Investing

I’ve started to save – now what? Explore savings strategies and investment options that can help you achieve your financial goals.


Protecting You and Your Family

Sleep better knowing you and your family are protected against financial disaster.


Legacy and Estate Planning

Plan your legacy now – and make sure that your estate is distributed according to your wishes.



How you invest and manage your expenses can impact how much you pay in taxes now and during retirement. Learn how to manage your finances to manage your taxes.


Book a Complimentary Financial Discussion

As a clergyperson or lay employee of The Episcopal Church, you’re entitled to complimentary discussions with a CPG financial education specialist.

Financial discussions are free, on-demand, and a snap to schedule. 

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Choose Well: Helpful Conversations About Well-Being

Get insights and practical tips from health and finance experts about cultivating healthy behaviors, financial wellness, and leading a balanced life.

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