2022 Annual Enrollment

All of the Annual Enrollment information you need, all in one place.

What is Annual Enrollment

The Episcopal Church Medical Trust holds Annual Enrollment each fall, providing you with the opportunity to compare your current medical and/or dental plan with other available options;1 select the plan(s) that will best meet your and/or your family’s health and financial needs for the upcoming year; and add or drop covered dependents.

Why Enroll Each Year

The medical and dental plan choice you make can have important health and financial implications for the upcoming year, so it's important to understand your individual situation and how the available plans meet those needs.

Even if you don’t need to make changes to your health plan selection, log in to check that your personal information — such as Social Security numbers — is correct for yourself and your dependents.

Selections and corrections can be made online!


How to Enroll

Select the category that best describes you to find 2022 program and benefits announcements, information about plan options, factors to consider, and Annual Enrollment login instructions.

Refer to your personalized member mailing for your group's enrollment session dates.

I'm an Active Employee

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I'm an Early Retiree

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I'm a Retiree

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1 Every group does not offer every plan. Please check with your group administrator for the plans available to you.

2 Including but not limited to Seminarians, Members of a Religious Order, Pre-65 Dependents of a Post-65 Former Employee enrolled in the Medical Trust’s Group Medicare Advantage Plan, Pre-65 Surviving Dependents. 


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