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Common Questions

Does my church have enough property and casualty coverage?

To adequately insure your property, you need to know its value. Otherwise, your policy may not fully replace what's been lost or damaged, if and when you make a claim. Find out how we can help you with appraisals.

How do I report an injury on church property?

To report a medical claim contact our Claims Center by phone at (800) 223-5705 or by fax at (212) 592-9426.

To report a claim after business hours or during an emergency, call (800) 223-5705 for instructions on how to reach Cunningham-Lindsey, our main field adjustment/investigation company.

To report sensitive claims, please call one of our senior claims personnel:

Michael Marino, Vice President, Claims (800) 223-6602, ext. 1185
Michael Lindgren, Sr. Claims Supervisor (800) 223-6602, ext. 9435

How do I request a certificate of insurance?

Are any insurance policies “required?”

Yes, Canon law requires Fidelity Liability Insurance. This type of insurance protects your church against dishonesty, fraud and forgery both from those within your church community and people outside your parish.

What should we require from outside groups using church property?

We advise that any group holding an activity at your church provide evidence of insurance with a certificate of liability. In addition, an outside group using Church property should typically be a nonprofit organization (e.g. Boy Scouts, AA, etc.)

For groups leasing space from the church:

  • The group should name the church as an additional insured on their insurance policy
  • Leases should include a “hold harmless provision” between the two parties
  • Your church and the group should create an agreement regarding maintenance and housekeeping responsibilities, along with noting any restrictions and hazards
  • Your church should complete a safety checklist before leasing your property
  • Your church should check with your diocese regarding approval for leases over one year

For more information, please review our Tips for Hosting Outside Groups.

What are The Church Insurance Companies?

The Church Insurance Companies consists of two wholly owned, non profit subsidiaries of the Church Pension Group (CPG).  Operations include the Church Insurance Agency Corporation, which acts as the insurance agent of the Episcopal Church, and a single parent captive property and casualty insurance companies: The Church Insurance Company of Vermont.

Does Church insurance offer flood coverage?

Yes, flood coverage is automatically included for all participants up to the insured building limit as part of our property and casualty policy.  There is no additional charge for this important coverage.

Does Church insurance offer fine arts coverage?

Yes, an additional $1,000,000 minimum limit of Fine Arts coverage is automatically included for all participants as part of our property and casualty policy.  There is no additional charge for this important coverage. 


Property and Casualty Insurance Disclaimer

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To reach our Claims Center, call: (800) 223-5705