Umbrella Insurance

Our Umbrella Liability Insurance program provides protection beyond the basic limits for sums you are legally obligated to pay in the event you are sued for an insured loss and acts as a safety net to cover some activities beyond the scope of your general liability coverage. Those insured in this program include your:

  • Organization
  • Directors
  • Officers
  • Trustees
  • Employees
  • Volunteers

Limits Available

  • $1,000,000, $4,000,000 and $10,000,000
  • Retention (Deductible) – $10,000

Underlying Coverage

Umbrella policies apply to coverage regarding:

  • Commercial General Liability -providing protection for personal and bodily injury claims
  • Employee Benefits Liability - providing excess limits in case of a catastrophic mistake regarding a benefits package
  • Clergy spiritual Pastoral Counseling
  • Auto Liability - for vehicles you own, hire or borrow
  • Employers Liability - for statutory coverage for employers and their employees
  • Directors’ & Officers - protects against civil liability for acts, errors or omissions by your directors, officers or trustees
  • Sexual Misconduct - Provides $1,000,000 excess coverage for Sexual Misconduct

This is a summary of the coverage provided by The Church Insurance Companies1. The actual insurance policy or certificate should be consulted for complete details of coverage. In the event that the information on this web page conflicts with the actual insurance policy, the actual insurance policy shall govern.

1The Church Insurance Company of Vermont, The Church Insurance Company, and The Church Insurance Agency Corporation. 

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