Workers' Compensation & Employers' Liability Insurance

What Is Workers' Compensation And Employers' Liability Insurance?

This policy protects employees and employers if an employee gets hurt at work. There are two components to this policy: Workers' Compensation and Employers' Liability.

Workers' Compensation

  • Protects employees from lost wages when injured on the job
  • Covers lost income, medical and rehabilitation costs and a death benefit
  • Required in all states
  • No limits on liability

Employees can include:

  • Full- and part-time workers who receive a W2
  • Contracted workers who work exclusively for the church

Employers' Liability

  • Protects against civil liability for injured workers not eligible for workers' compensation
  • Covers legal fees, settlements and judgments
  • Liability limits include:
    • $500,000 per employee for bodily injury as a result of an accident
    • $500,000 per employee for bodily injury as a result of disease
    • $500,000 for the entire policy for bodily injury as a result of disease

This is a summary of the coverage provided by The Church Insurance Companies1. The actual insurance policy or certificate should be consulted for complete details of coverage. In the event that the information on this web page conflicts with the actual insurance policy, the actual insurance policy shall govern.

1The Church Insurance Company of Vermont, The Church Insurance Company, and The Church Insurance Agency Corporation. 

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