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Continuing CREDO

Now that you’ve completed your CREDO conference, how do you continue your journey of personal well-being? Here you’ll find numerous opportunities to spend a few minutes to a couple of hours building on the plans you made at CREDO.

Continuing CREDO offers meditations, activities, exercises, and practices to help you follow through on your CREDO Rule of Life, assist you in maintaining motivation, aid you in the process of change, and provide the structure for an annual experience of reviewing and re-visioning. The content is written to span 12 months, taking into account what you may be experiencing as time passes since your CREDO.

As you participate in this year-long process, we will invite your feedback. Your input will help us hone these materials to best meet your needs and the needs of future participants. 

CREDO is, indeed, a lifelong process of change and transformation. Continuing CREDO is your companion in the journey.

remembering credo

It’s been close to a month since you attended your conference. Your companion, Continuing CREDO can help you remember what you committed to in your CREDO Rule of Life and support your efforts to follow through on those commitments.

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maintaining motivation

A few months ago, you attended a CREDO conference, where you learned about the change model of Identity, Discernment, practice and Transformation (IDpT). Continuing CREDO offers clusters of activities and strategies that are designed to keep you motivated, help you maintain spiritual focus, and assist you in taking the small steps that lead to lasting change.

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navigating change

Since it’s been several months since your CREDO conference, it may be time to revisit the changes you outlined in your CREDO Rule of Life and see how to bring unfinished plans into being. Through a series of 5 quiet hours, Continuing CREDO offers the opportunity to review your progress and think about what changes are still needed.

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renewing credo

Happy Anniversary! It’s been a year since you attended your CREDO conference! Continuing CREDO invites you to give a significant amount of time, two-days-worth, to spend time reviewing and revisioning your CREDO Rule of Life in a reflective and spiritual way

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The Rev. Canon Renée Miller, CREDO Conference Leader and Curriculum Development Consultant

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You’ll find fictitious characters and scenarios used in this course to illustrate points and explain concepts.

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