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Continuing CREDO

When your CREDO conference ends, your sustained commitment to living an abundant life begins. Continuing CREDO offers a post-conference curriculum that can guide you forward – initially as you take your first steps post-conference and then as you continue your ongoing journey toward holistic health and wellness.

Here you’ll find a range of content for support. As you move back into your daily routine, use the With Measured Steps material to help with a successful re-entry and the initial phase of implementing your wellness plan. Resources on motivation, navigating change and support systems will help you bolster your commitment during your first year. And you can always review the IDPT change model that is the foundation of CREDO’s approach, revisiting the importance of Identity, Discernment, Practice and Transformation.

If a year or more has passed since your CREDO conference, you can use Revisioning CREDO to reconnect with the dreams and aspirations that came alive in your conference experience.

Think of the Continuing CREDO curriculum as your companion, providing video, audio, and text resources loaded with practical tools and helpful suggestions for continuing your wellness journey. Visit here often for continuing the good work you began at CREDO.

For more information or questions about CREDO, contact the Education and Wellness Office at  888-274-2828, or email credo@cpg.org