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All CREDO participants have an incredible resource to help them actively engage in their CREDO Plan or CREDO Rule of Life health goals after their CREDO conference.

Many participants may leave their CREDO conference with a newly invigorated dedication to their physical and psychological health. Clergy are encouraged to support those efforts by taking full advantage of the health benefits, if eligible, offered by the Medical Trust. Log on to cpg.org where you will find health benefits summaries including information about the Employee Assistance Program and Health Advocate. Plus the all-new CPG.org Learning Center offers information on improving mental, emotional, and physical health, with topics including resilience, mindfulness, exercise, and nutrition.


Tips & Resources - Health
  • Offered through Cigna Behavioral Health, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential 24-hour service that can help you access the resources you need if you or a loved one wants someone to talk to. It is offered, at no charge to members, as part of the Medical Trust plans.

  • Health Advocate offers help when you have questions about your medical care – from finding a doctor, to understanding treatment options for a medical condition, to understanding your benefits, or resolving a claim.

  • The CPG Health Learning Center provides a roadmap to wellness, offering resources and information on improving mental, emotional, and physical health.


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