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With Measured Steps

You’re on your way home. After a week of deep reflection, camaraderie with clergy colleagues, daily worship, small group sharing, and fun, your path now leads away from CREDO’s time apart and back to the responsibilities and relationships, the joys and challenges that make up your everyday life.

But, as you’ve most likely heard throughout your week, CREDO is more than a single conference experience. In the following section, we outline some suggested measured steps for keeping your CREDO experience alive during your re-entry. Included here are suggestions and advice for your first few weeks back home—a guide to help you re-enter your life with intentionality and self-awareness, patience and attention to others.

Topics include:

Your Re-entry

Awareness is key to managing re-entry. You can show your gratitude in word and presence by withholding some of your own excitement in order to be attentive to those who share your life. Read more

Returning to Work

Upon your return to your workplace, it may be helpful to enter it much the same way as you entered your home. Read more

Rest and Replenish

If the good work that you did at CREDO is to take root, you’ll need space in your life to reflect and converse with God. Read more

Looking Within

Your CREDO conference provided a space for imagining fresh ways to modify or completely re-design your spiritual life. Read more

Strengthening Bonds

Support is critical to personal, spiritual, and ministerial life. Even for those who are self-aware, have a rich prayer life, and are skilled at fulfilling the responsibilities of their clergy role, a support network is key when facing changes and challenges. Read more

Schedule Small Steps

Think about the changes you are trying to make and consider specific, actionable, and measurable steps that you can readily take. Read more

Share Your CREDO Experience

As the weeks unfold, take time to schedule a lunch or dinner with your spouse or partner, a friend or a colleague, in order to share some of your experiences from CREDO. Read more

Your first month back will set the tone for how you live into the goals and plans you made during your CREDO conference. One effective strategy is to set aside 10 minutes a day and refer to the materials included here as an aid for preparing and planning the paths to integrate your aspirations into the reality of daily life.

In addition to the text, you will also find links to additional resources organized topically for your use. Remember, Continuing CREDO is about nurturing your personal well-being. Devoting time each day to your wellness contributes to well-being at home and work, and acknowledges and honors the good gift of life God has given us.