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Share Your CREDO Experience

Mary treasured all these things,

pondering them in her heart.

—Luke 2:19

As life settles back into a recognizable routine, you’ll probably spend time like Mary, “pondering things in your heart.” Through your prayer and reflection, you’ll further discern what is most crucial to carry into your life from your CREDO experience. 

 Still, it’s important to share that pondering with those you love as the weeks unfold.

Take time to schedule a lunch or dinner with your spouse or partner, a friend or a colleague, in order to share some of your experiences from CREDO. Share what you have distilled from those important days away and how you feel you are progressing. Ask them for their support and encouragement as you move forward with your CREDO Rule of Life.

As you consider sharing your experience beyond your family and close friends, this story may help you think through how you want to proceed:

There was once a master draftsman whose apprentice had 
lost an opportunity to close on an important contract.
 Because the apprentice had been so eager to share all that 
he knew, the prospective client was frightened off. The
 apprentice was disheartened until his master told him,
 “When the knowledge you have becomes lived knowledge
 rather than head knowledge, you will know how to discriminate 
in your speech. Live the material you have been 
taught; then you will become the master.”

It often does seem to take "the living" of something to make it internal and real. As you live with your CREDO Rule of Life, you’ll probably notice areas that energize and excite you, areas that might be helpful to others, or areas that have strengthened you in ways that you would like to share. 

 Make a list of some of the ways that you can include your learnings in your preaching and teaching. The sharing itself is important, but it may also be a source of accountability and strength for continuing the self-development and self-care that you have begun.