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For most Episcopal clergy, wellness is not an isolated experience. Instead, it has been described as a contagion, spreading from person to person as we adapt to wellness goals and adopt healthier ways of being. In other words, wellness impacts not only who we are and who we are becoming, wellness also affects those with whom we are in relationship. If clergy are not whole and well, they cannot effectively minister to those who are part of their family and faith community.

To be well, we must pay attention with intention. Such mindfulness can result in the transformation of mind, body and spirit and benefit the health of those around us.

Here, we feature CREDO faculty remarks on how greater well-being is crucial to the individual and, ultimately, can affect the whole Church community.

Why Wellness?

For more information or questions about CREDO, contact the Education and Wellness Office at  888-274-2828, or email credo@cpg.org