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CPPR Webinars

These live, 90-minute webinars will provide detailed information about the revisions to the Clergy Pension Plan scheduled to take effect in January 2018.

Clergy Pension Plan Revisions (CPPR) for Plan Participants

Wednesday, May 3
11:00AM ET


Thursday, May 4
11:00AM ET


Tuesday, May 16
12:00PM ET


Wednesday, May 17
2:00PM ET


Thursday, May 25
3:00PM ET


Thursday, June 22
2:00PM ET


Wednesday, August 16
2:00PM ET


Thursday, September 14
2:00PM ET


Thursday, September 28
2:30PM ET


Wednesday, October 18
2:00PM ET


Thursday, October 26
11:00AM ET


Thursday, November 16
2:00PM ET


Wednesday, December 13
2:00PM ET




Clergy Pension Plan Revisions

In 1917, The Church Pension Fund paid its first pension benefit, and for the past 100 years we have had the honor of administering pensions, retirement savings plans, and other benefits for eligible clergy and lay employees who serve the Episcopal Church.

At the beginning of our 100th year of service, we will be revising the pension and other related plans that we administer to create more modern plans that honor the commitments we have made in the past and that respond to the emerging needs of those we serve. These revisions are effective January 1, 2018.


These revisions will maintain the overall value of the benefits provided today and will offer greater flexibility, consistency, and simplicity. Revisions to The Church Pension Fund Clergy Pension Plan and The Church Pension Fund International Clergy Pension Plan recognize emerging types of ministry and address the needs of interim ministers, bi-vocational priests, part-time clergy, and clergy who experience longer breaks in service. Conforming changes to The Episcopal Church Lay Employees' Retirement Plan, The Episcopal Church Lay Employees' Defined Contribution Retirement Plan, and The Episcopal Church Retirement Savings Plan will ensure that consistent definitions of compensation and Highest Average Compensation are used across all plans.

The revisions were designed with input from more than 1,500 individuals from around the Church. This work was collaborative and iterative, which gives the Church Pension Group confidence that we have been successful in creating a pension plan that addresses the evolving needs of those we serve.

Fact Sheets

View the Fact Sheets to learn about the Clergy Pension Plan revisions.

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How Will the Changes Impact Me?

Starting Out

  • I am just ordained
  • I just landed my first job
  • I want to understand the types of participant status
  • I am a late ordinand concerned about my pension

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  • I want to understand what compensation will be used when calculating my pension
  • I have employer-provided housing and no salary
  • I am between cures
  • I plan to retire early
  • I want to review preretirement survivor benefits
  • I want to review child benefits

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Late career

  • I am getting ready to retire
  • I plan to work after retirement
  • I want to financially plan for my survivors
  • I wonder about healthcare coverage in retirement

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Pensions Disclaimer

Right Rail

What do I need to do?

  • Have you used the revised PlanAhead for Retirement® online calculator?
  • Are you planning on retiring in 2018?
  • Are your beneficiaries up to date?

Check out our More Information page for updates.

View the changes

We've prepared Fact Sheets that highlight the current provisions and the revisions to the Clergy Pension Plan. 

  • Preretirement Benefits
  • LTD/STD Disability
  • Credited Service
  • Compensation
  • Participant Status
  • Survivor Benefits
  • Child Benefits
  • Marriage & Divorce
  • Early Retirement

and more...

Click here to view all the Fact Sheets