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Dental Benefits

Good dental health is crucial for your overall health. The Medical Trust offers three plans offering different coverage levels so that you can select the plan that best fits your family’s needs. All three of our dental plans stress preventive care and early intervention. The Medical Trust provides dental benefits through the Cigna dental network.

Preventive Dental PPO Basic Dental PPO Dental & Orthodontia PPO

All plans offer no-cost-share preventive care and three checkups a year when using Cigna's DPPO Advantage providers. Out-of-network providers may bill for charges that exceed the amount reimbursed by the plan.

You may be offered one or all of these plans if your employer participates in the Medical Trust health plans. Ask your benefits administrator which, if any, your employer offers.

For detailed descriptions of our dental plans, download our Cigna Dental Handbook.

Cigna Dental Modernization

The Episcopal Church Medical Trust (Medical Trust) has reviewed and modernized its Cigna dental plan offering to ensure that members have high quality and comprehensive dental benefits.

Effective January 1, 2022, the Medical Trust’s Cigna Dental plans will include coverage for Exparel, a long-lasting, non-opioid pain management medication for patients having oral surgery. Unlike systemic medications, Exparel works directly at the surgical site to numb nerves that cause pain; it is not a narcotic, and it is not addictive.

In addition, the Medical Trust is reclassifying osseous surgery, currently considered a Major Restorative Service, as a Basic Restorative Service for all its Cigna Dental plan offerings. This means that the Medical Trust’s Cigna Dental plans will reimburse these services at a higher rate starting in 2022.

Cigna Website

Access all your dental health benefits in one place. Go to and register/login.


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