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Dancing from the Inside Out

Church Publishing authors find their ways to some interesting places.

On October 24, 2019, Westina Matthews, PhD, author of Dancing from the Inside Out, will deliver The Kay Butler Gill Lecture at The General Theological Seminary (GTS). The Kay Butler Gill Lecture in Christian Spirituality, hosted by the seminary’s Center for Christian Spirituality, is one of General Seminary’s two named lectures. Beginning in 2003 as the Annual Lecture in Christian Spirituality, it heralds the place of Christian spirituality as a scholarly field within the theological academy. It’s particularly appropriate that Dr. Matthews, an adjunct professor in Christian Spirituality at GTS, is offering the lecture to coincide with the publication of her book.  

Dancing from the Inside Out offers reflections and meditations both poignant and humorous, on life and aging. As a primary caretaker for her 99-year-old great-aunt (who died in summer 2019), Dr. Matthews knows first-hand the particular gifts and trials of that significant work—and the depth of connection to one’s spiritual life it can reinforce.

Letty Pogrebin, a co-founding editor of Ms. Magazine, has this to say about Westina and her book: “Dancing from the Inside Out is quintessential Westina Matthews—unsparingly honest, deep-down wise, and refreshingly trenchant. Readers will relish every one of these reflections whether the subject is Westina’s ongoing spiritual quest, lessons learned from her beloved grandmas and great aunt, being the first black homecoming queen at her university, her lifelong passion for teaching, her remarkable Wall Street career, tried-and-true recipes, finding God at Starbucks, or her terrifying escape from one of the Twin Towers on 9/11. Though I’m a practicing Jew and Westina writes from her profound Christian faith, I gleaned many gifts from this book, not just inspiring advice about aging wisely but the pure pleasure of a story well told.”   

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