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The Good Steward Newsletter

The Good Steward

July 2018

Dear Friend,

Summer can be a busy and rewarding time. There tends to be more activity—and more energy—around the church. You can ensure that all activities run smoothly and that everyone stays safe when you follow these recommendations:

  • Work with outside groups to configure insurance appropriately and eliminate misunderstandings.
  • Understand how it is determined whether a church has employees by reading about Workers’ Compensation misconceptions.
  • Figure out how your church can best contribute to recovery efforts after a disaster has occurred. Hint: It’s best to plan ahead!.
  • Follow these simple and practical tips in the Green Corner for reducing your environmental footprint during warm weather.
  • And, our From the Claims Desk article looks at what could happen if you take on tree-trimming yourself.

We hope you enjoy this issue. Email me with any feedback or questions you may have, and feel free to forward this publication to others who may benefit from it.

Happy reading!

Bill Murray

Senior Vice President and General Manager
The Church Insurance Agency Corporation

Articles in This Issue

Outside Groups Using Church Space: How Insurance Should Be Configured

Recently, outside groups have been asking a new question that many churches don’t know how to answer: Will you add us to your church insurance policy? Find out what to do.

Misunderstandings about Workers’ Compensation

Some churches resist buying Workers’ Compensation coverage because they believe these two common misconceptions. Discover the truth.

How Your Church Can Help After a Disaster

Plan ahead and develop relationships with other houses of worship and with local first responding agencies. So recommends the Diocesan Disaster Response Coordinator for the Diocese of New York. Get his recommendations.

Green Corner: Seven Practical Tips for Warm Weather

These tips will leave you feeling good and help you make a positive difference. Choose just one and make the world a greener place. Go green.

Would you like your church to be featured in the Green Corner? Email us, and we’ll discuss how your church works to be a good steward of the earth. No efforts too big or too small!

From the Claims Desk: Tree-trimming Can Be Dangerous

Serious injuries can occur when people trim their own trees. Here’s what to do instead. Put down the chainsaw.

Green Tip: Create cross-breezes

Use fans to create a cross breeze in rooms where you can open windows. Position one fan in a window so that it blows the hot air in the room outside.

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