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The Good Steward Newsletter

The Good Steward

November 2017

Dear Friend,

As churches embrace new technology, they also put themselves at greater risk for cyber crime. That is why we have architected a new program that covers Cyber Liability.

We also feature articles in this issue that address other practical concerns in your organization:

  • Discover how to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Use Generators Correctly
  • Learn the signs of Elder Abuse
  • Be like our Green Corner church and make a big difference for the environment by doing a little bit at a time
  • Consult our Fire Prevention Checklist for electrical fire safety and safe fire extinguisher and candle use
  • We hope you enjoy this issue. Email me with any feedback or questions you may have, and feel free to forward this publication to others who may benefit from it.

    Happy reading!

    Bill Murray

    Senior Vice President and General Manager
    The Church Insurance Agency Corporation

    Articles in This Issue

    Protection against Cyber Crime Now Included

    Smaller organizations that lack sophisticated security are targets for hackers. Learn how Cyber Liability protects you. Find out what it does.

    Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Use Generators Correctly

    Improperly used or poorly maintained fuel-burning appliances are often the cause of carbon monoxide leaks. Prevent leaks.

    Elder Abuse: New SafeguardingOnline Module Available

    Elderly parishioners are at risk for exploitation and abuse. Recognize the risk factors and warning signs. Get the module.

    Green Corner: A Little Bit Adds Up to a Lot

    At St. Mark’s in Birmingham, Alabama, parishioners pitch in where they can. They also use money-saving tricks to save the earth. Discover what they do.

    Fire Prevention Checklist

    Fire prevention requires a comprehensive approach because fires can start in many ways. Check the list.

    Green Tip: Environmentally-friendly giftwrap

    Instead of using fancy paper, think about putting gifts in reusable tote bags or re-using newspaper as wrapping.

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