The Good Steward

October 2020

All Saints Episcopal Church, Bay Head, NJ
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Articles in This Issue

Virtual Church: Streaming Services to Reach Community

Your congregation may not be able to be physically present in church right now, but you can still reach out to them by streaming services.

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Welcome Christopher Rourke

Christopher R. Rourke was appointed Senior Vice President and General Manager of The Church Insurance Companies.

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The Affordable Care Act: What Every Nonprofit Should Know

It’s important for organizations to keep up with the ACA’s mandates to ensure they are in compliance.

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Preparing Room: Advent Contemplation Resource

The faithful await the arrival of Jesus during Advent: a time for both preparation and reflection. This new resource from Church Publishing Incorporated acts as a companion.

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From the Claims Desk: Protect Equipment and Property During Power Loss

Follow these procedures to make sure power loss doesn’t result in other kinds of loss for your facilities.

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Church Insurance

The Church Insurance Companies offer many types of insurance policies to protect your church's most valuable assets—its people, property, and finances. Learn more.

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Life at St. Swithin’s, by Father Jay Sidebotham, offers a witty take on life in The Episcopal Church. Lighten your day with a visit the cartoon archive.



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