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The Good Steward Newsletter

The Good Steward

September 2018

Dear Friend,

Churches contain many things of value: fine arts, historical records, the people who make up its community, and much more. Here’s how to keep all of those things safe:

We hope you enjoy this issue. Email me with any feedback or questions you may have, and feel free to forward this publication to others who may benefit from it.

Happy reading!

Bill Murray

Senior Vice President and General Manager
The Church Insurance Agency Corporation

Articles in This Issue

Hurricane Season: Are You Prepared?

Take advantage of forecasters’ predictions and prepare both your property and your congregation for what may come. Find out what to do.

Identifying and Appraising Valuables: Three Important Categories

Some valuables are considered part of your building while others are considered fine arts or personal property. Know what you have.

How to Minimize Risk in Parking Lots and Garages

These suggestions regarding car, driver, and pedestrian safety and crime prevention will make your parking areas safer for your parishioners. Minimize injuries and accidents.

Easy Ways to Prepare Your Church, Your Family, and Yourself for Disasters

Being prepared improves the outcome of most situations. Episcopal Relief & Development recommends these small ways to prepare for disaster. Manage disaster, gain peace of mind.

From the Claims Desk: New People Behind the Desk

There are some new folks behind the claims desk. Meet them and see how you’ll be interacting with them. Get to know new people.

Green Tip: Check tires’ air pressure

As the temperature drops, so does your tires’ air pressure. Fully inflated tires increase fuel efficiency. See if your church vehicles’ tires need some extra air.

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