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Business Update

The Good Steward

March 2020

Business Update: Church Insurance Listens and Adapts

Three thousand five hundred years ago in Babylon, a group of farmers thought about the risks they took when they sent their harvests downriver in their own boats. If a farmer’s vessel sank, his profits for the entire year went with it.

But what if each of them put a small amount of product on every boat? If a single boat sank, no one would be ruined.

Paul Stephens, VP, Risk Management and Marketing, Church Insurance Agency Corporation, tells this compelling story about the origins of insurance in this video about Church Insurance Companies.

Church Insurance serves only the Episcopal Church, so its leaders understand those special needs better than the general marketplace, and they remain abreast of the evolving needs of the Church. For example, Church Insurance has recently added three new coverages: Cyber Liability, Malicious Attack, and for the sanctuary church.

Hear how Paul and his colleagues work to ensure that Church Insurance continually adapts to change. 

If you have questions or want to learn more about Church Insurance, visit its website.


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