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New Safeguarding God’s Children Manager

The Good Steward

January 2018

New Safeguarding God’s Children Manager: Paul Stephens

You may already know Paul Stephens. He has been the Vice President of Marketing and Risk Management Services for the Church Insurance Agency Corporation (CIAC) for 16 years. Now, he is adding another title to his name: Safeguarding God’s Children Manager.

Paul has a special connection to this position because of his involvement with preventing child sexual abuse through his wife’s profession. “My wife has dedicated her life to counseling children who have been sexually abused. Those are her only clients.”

Through his wife, Paul has learned the devastating effects that sexual abuse can have on children. “We are involved in fundraising for sexual abuse prevention and supporting survivors in any way we can,” he says.

He also feels that this new position is a “natural fit” for him because he believes Safeguarding God’s Children to be an important risk management strategy. “I am looking forward to having additional knowledge about such an important tool,” he says.

Changes to communication, same good information

You may notice small changes to the way you communicate with CIAC when you need service around SafeguardingOnline and Safeguarding God’s Children. Paul says there will be a very gradual transition from working directly with him to working with your individual regional vice presidents.

“You may start to notice over time that you will interact more with your regional vice presidents,” Paul says. This process will happen gradually as these regional vice presidents are trained on Safeguarding issues, so they can become excellent resources.

“You’ll always be able to reach out to us, and we’ll be able to help you with any questions or issues about SafeguardingOnline or Safeguarding God’s Children that you may have,” he says.

One advantage to this new system of communication is that you already work with your field representative regularly. “You will be dealing with the folks that you already know for risk management,” Paul says. This is a transition period that Paul looks forward to guiding and ensuring that any new methods of communication work properly.

Paul is excited to take on the challenge of his new position. He understands the importance of keeping children safe, and he knows that SafeguardingOnline and Safeguarding God’s Children are invaluable tools for churches, so that they, in turn, can provide a safe environment for all of their members.


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