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Technology Driving Efficiency

The Good Steward

July 2019

How Technology Helps Drive Our Efficiency

Over the next three years, new technology will enable Church Insurance to appraise more than 18,000 Episcopal buildings, helping us more accurately—and more cost-effectively—ensure the appropriate level of property and casualty coverage for all insured buildings. Providing detailed satellite imagery, this emerging computer technology now allows Church Insurance to bring this important work in-house, lowering costs.

How It Used to Work

In the past, Church Insurance commissioned on-site inspections utilizing various third-party vendors to analyze and calculate supportable estimates of replacement costs.

“While this traditional approach to appraising buildings has provided Church Insurance with excellent details, it has also racked up substantial expense over the years,” Steve Follos, VP and General Manager of Church Insurance, notes. 

A Technological Boost

Using technology that shows satellite imagery in conjunction with Marshall & Swift / Core Logic state-of-the-art software, the gold standard of building cost data, Church Insurance can provide highly specialized and up-to-date replacement cost estimates to the valued clients we serve.

The Church Insurance team is now able to couple the previous third-party vendor appraisal information with this new technology to eliminate the reliance on and associated expenses of building appraisals.

More Efficient and Effective

“Church Insurance has always focused on running mean and lean, with an eye on using technology wherever we can to improve service while reducing costs,” Paul Stephens, VP, Marketing and Risk Management Services for Church Insurance, explains. “Our team has become industry experts in the field of building appraisals, which I believe is unmatched in the property and casualty industry today.”

Steve adds that “once completed, the Episcopal Building Appraisal Project will allow Church Insurance to control and maintain an in-depth review of Episcopal buildings, allowing us to achieve an efficient and effective balance of service and expense management in support of our valued clients.” 


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