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Green Corner

The Good Steward

July 2019

Green Corner: Environmental Tips and Tricks for Summertime

Now that summer is in full swing, consider the different ways your Episcopal institution can reduce its environmental footprint.

1.       Turn the thermostat up.

You don’t have to endure uncomfortably warm rooms to make a difference (both in terms of cost and being a good steward to the earth). Try turning the thermostat up just one or two degrees.

2.       Keep the shades pulled during sunny times.

Pull the shades, blinds, or curtains during times of direct sunlight. If you don’t have window covers, consider putting up aluminum foil to block the rays.

3.       Choose native plants.

Select plants that would ordinarily grow in your region. Not only are they more likely to thrive, but they also need to be watered less often than non-native species.

4.       Plant vegetables and fruit.

Flowers are beautiful and can make your property look like a welcoming place. But don’t forget to plant vegetables and fruits, too! If you grow too much to use internally, just give away the surplus to congregants or food banks.

Check out Church Publishing’s book Harvesting Abundance: Local Initiatives of Food and Faith to learn more about how community gardens and other agricultural initiatives provide healthy food to grocery programs, food pantries, and others in need.

5.       Use biodegradable disposable items.

When you host casual events that include refreshments, select biodegradable disposable plates, cups, and utensils. If you’d prefer to use items that you can wash and reuse, that also works.

Small choices can add up to a big difference. Try one or two of these suggestions to see how easy it can be to protect the environment!


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