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March 2020

Bits of Heaven: Seasonal Appreciation and Contemplation

March may have come in like a lion, but soon the ground will thaw, and signs of new life will emerge.

If summer’s abundance awakens in you a desire for contemplation, Bits of Heaven: A Summer Companion, by Russell J. Levenson, Jr., is the perfect material. With stunning photography that presents nature’s beauty at its most verdant, and 40 meditations and prayers, this new devotional offers readers a path to enjoy the summer season to its fullest, with observations directed both outward and inward.

Bits of Heaven: A Summer Companion will be released on March 17, 2020, and is available for pre-order from Church Publishing Incorporated now.

Ponder and Pray

Each chapter begins with a Bible verse that Dr. Levenson uses as an entry point for rumination and storytelling. After the verse is a “bit of heaven,” a passage that encourages the reader to think more deeply about the verse and what it means in his or her life.

Meditation topics range from discerning God’s will to acknowledging hidden faults to presenting one’s true self in interactions with others. For example, in the ninth meditation, “Sometimes It Takes Two,” the bit of heaven is, “What thing may God be calling you to do today? Notice there is a difference between something you want to do and something God may be calling you to do. Think on that a bit…pray on it…what, if anything, is stopping you?”

Each chapter closes with a prayer that addresses the theme examined in the meditation. Prayers penned by the author are contemporary, and while other prayers are timeless, such as those written by other contemplatives, such as Johann Arndt, a German Lutheran theologian whose life bridged the 16th and 17th centuries.

For those who want to relax, reflect, and pray this summer, Bits of Heaven is an excellent companion.

Finding Shelter in the Autumn

In preparation for the changing seasons, Finding Shelter: An Autumn Companion, also by Dr. Levenson, will be simultaneously released on March 17th.

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