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July 2018

Green Corner: Seven Practical Tips for Warm Weather

Looking for easy ways to be a better steward of the environment this summer? These seven simple and practical tips will reduce your environmental footprint, and may even help you reduce your energy bill, too.

  1. Start planning your garden:

    Plants produce oxygen, which is good for the air. They also produce food, which could be good for your wallet. Even churches without a lot of green space can plant vegetables in boxes and pots. Experiment with a few tomato or pepper plants.


  2. Capture rain showers in a barrel:

    Consider installing a rain barrel and use the contents to water the garden. It’s an easy way to save water.


  3. Plant drought-resistant grass:

    Lawn looking patchy? Re-seed it with drought-resistant grass seed, which usually requires less watering and mowing.


  4. Mow the lawn less often:

    You’ll not only save energy by running your lawn mower less, but letting your lawn grow helps your grass to grow deeper, and deeper grass needs less watering. As a bonus, letting clover grow provides a habitat for bees.


  5. Take advantage of nice weather:

    On a nice day, host an event outdoors that usually occurs inside, such as a children’s class or even church services. You’ll conserve resources and reconnect with nature at the same time.


  6. Cover windows that receive direct sunlight:

    If you’re keeping the air conditioning on, keep the sun out by using blinds, shades, or curtains. Shielding rooms from heat will help them remain cool.


  7. Turn off fans if no one is in the room:

    Fans don’t affect air temperature, but they do make people feel cooler. Save energy by turning fans on only when people are present. And while it’s nice to enter a cool building, don’t leave the AC running if no one is there.


Applying just one of these tips will make the world a greener place.


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