The Good Steward

April 2020

Exceptional Professionalism and Fast Resolution:
Claim Testimonials

A claimant’s call to an insurance company usually means something damaging—maybe even catastrophic— has happened.

That’s why customer service is such a priority for Church Insurance. Church Insurance’s representatives understand that the people who call have been through a difficult experience. It could be a natural disaster that caused property damage, a congregant’s or an employee’s injury, financial fraud, or some other dire possibility.

“We make an effort to move our claims as speedily as possible,” Sam Carucci, Vice President, Claims, Church Insurance, says. “Customer service at Church Insurance is our ministry.”

Dedication to customer-focused interactions can bring relief to the people who have made claims. Being treated with respect, understanding the importance of a speedy resolution, and listening carefully are all part of the Church Insurance process.

Approval Rating and Comments

Church Insurance had at least a 94% approval rating for claims communications in each of its 2019 quarterly surveys, Sam says. The three most recent after-claim surveys included these comments:

  • “We could not have asked for a better claim rep[resentative]. She was courteous, helpful, and prompt. Thank you.”
  • “I was surprised, relieved, and quite pleased with how quickly everything moved on your part. The only delay was us because of the brutal Texas summer.”
  • “Your professionalism was exceptional. The claim was settled immediately.”

Church Insurance takes its survey results seriously. Sam says that it uses the information to continuously improve the experience for insureds. He adds, “We want people to come out on the other side of a claim feeling better.”

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