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Our Lines of Business

Our Lines of Business

The Church Pension Fund (CPF) was founded in 1917 to provide pension benefits to eligible clergy of the Episcopal Church.  Since then, with the authorization of General Convention, its mission has expanded. Today, the Church Pension Group (CPG) oversees three lines of business:

  • Employee benefits
  • Property and casualty insurance
  • Publishing

The needs of those we serve are central to our mission, and we have built a culture of professionalism and service to assist our clients to secure their financial future and that of their families, and attain a comfortable retirement.  The core values that guide us in fulfilling our mission are compassion, fiscal stewardship, mutual respect, service, and adaptability.

The Church Pension Fund and affiliated companies are:

The Church Pension Fund

CPF sponsors and administers the pension plans provided to eligible clergy and lay employees of the Episcopal Church. These include the Clergy Pension Plan (a defined benefit plan), defined contribution and defined benefit plans for lay employees, and a retirement savings plan. 

Church Life Insurance Corporation

Founded in 1922, Church Life provides group and individual life insurance, long- and short-term disability coverage, IRAs, and annuities.

The Church Insurance Companies1

Since 1929, CIC has provided the broadest property and casualty insurance available to Episcopal churches and institution, as well as unique risk management services and innovative programs to help prevent sexual abuse and harassment in congregations.

The Episcopal Church Medical Trust

Created in 1978 and funded by a VEBA,2 The Medical Trust is the sponsor of health and dental plans for active clergy and lay employees, seminarians, and eligible dependents, as well as Medicare Supplement Health Plan options. 

Church Publishing Incorporated

Founded in 1918, Church Publishing is an official publisher of worship materials and resources for the Episcopal Church, as well as a multifaceted publisher and supplier to the broader ecumenical market.

1Collectively, The Church Insurance Agency Corporation, The Church Insurance Company, and The Church Insurance Company of Vermont

2 Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association


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