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Socially Responsible Investing

The Church Pension Fund (CPF) is committed to supporting Church values in all that we do. Consistent with that commitment, we manage the investment portfolio to generate long-term returns sufficient to keep the promises made to beneficiaries.

Through our socially responsible investing (SRI) strategy, we seek to make direct investments with a positive social impact, reflect environmental, social, and governance issues (ESG) in investment analysis, advocate for corporate social responsibility, advance best practices in SRI, and catalyze socially responsible investments.

To support this effort, our investment team hires third-party investment managers who use their specific expertise to invest on behalf of CPF across different asset classes.

For more than 20 years, CPF has employed a socially responsible investment strategy that seeks to generate necessary investment returns while supporting other Church values including creation care, human rights, alleviating poverty, and diversity.

Mary Kate Wold, CEO and President, The Church Pension Fund

Our SRI Approach

Positive Impact Investing

Proactively seeking out and investing with managers who deliver both strong returns and positive social outcomes:

  • Achieving competitive risk-adjusted returns sufficient to ensure benefits promised to current and future beneficiaries
  • Creating a positive social impact for individuals and the environment

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Shareholder Engagement

Using CPF’s position as an institutional investor to advance corporate social responsibility within companies in the investment portfolio:

  • Focusing on environmental sustainability, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Addressing human rights issues
  • Increasing diversity among corporate executives and boards of directors

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ESG Incorporation

Considering material environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues as part of investment analysis and review:

  • Identifying material ESG opportunities and risks
  • Considering ESG factors to help drive long term investment returns consistent with our fiduciary duty while also supporting our values

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Thought Leadership

Sharing CPF’s experience and industry relationships to create awareness about effective strategies for using capital to achieve positive social impact:

  • Convening conversations and adding our voice
  • Connecting investors with SRI fund managers and opportunities
  • Advancing best practices and catalyzing investments into the SRI space

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Committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is fundamental to our efforts across the spectrum of socially responsible investing. We are committed to

  • actively seeking out firms owned by diverse individuals,
  • raising diversity as part of investment manager due diligence,
  • advocating for more diverse leadership in portfolio companies, and
  • participating in industry working groups on advancing DEI issues.