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June, 2024

Church Pension Group issues report in advance of 81st General Convention

May 2024

Church Pension Funders Had Only Tenuous Ties to Slavery

January, 2024

Indigenous Episcopalians gather in Texas for annual Winter Talk conference

September 2023

Clergy serving Indigenous communities gather for ‘We Are All Related’ conference

April, 2023

Headlines from three faith-based asset owners - FaithInvest

March, 2023

Church Pension Group issues first report on lay employee compensation

December, 2022

Panel highlights church agencies’ values-based advocacy on behalf of General Convention – Episcopal News Service

August, 2022

Church Pension Fund Launches Search for Next CIO

August, 2022

Free Range Priest - Something To Smile About

August, 2022

Episcopal Clergy Increasingly Identify as LGBTQ - The Living Church

July, 2022

Church Pension Group Stays Connected - The Living Church

February, 2022

Black leaders assess church’s efforts to battle racism during CPG webinar for Black History Month

November, 2021

Geeking Out With CPG’s Compensation Report

August, 2021

When Mulling Extension Ministries, Take Time to Assess Your Risk - Religious Product News

July, 2021

Episcopal Church Pension Fund outpaces benchmark for long-term returns - P&I Online

February, 2021

Pension group launches Choose Well podcast - The Episcopal Journal

January, 2021

Clergy living with mental illness find healing through speaking out - Episcopal News Service

January, 2021

Deacons play an evolving role - The Living Church

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