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November, 2021

Geeking Out With CPG’s Compensation Report

August, 2021

When Mulling Extension Ministries, Take Time to Assess Your Risk - Religious Product News

July, 2021

Episcopal Church Pension Fund outpaces benchmark for long-term returns - P&I Online

February, 2021

Pension group launches Choose Well podcast - The Episcopal Journal

January, 2021

Clergy living with mental illness find healing through speaking out - Episcopal News Service

January, 2021

Deacons play an evolving role - The Living Church

November, 2020

Church Pension Group seeks new information on clergy demographics

November, 2020

New CPG Tool Enhances Clergy Compensation Report - The Living Church

November, 2020

Be Part of the Picture! Church Pension Group Collecting data on Diversity in the Church - Diakoneo

October, 2020

First-ever survey of race, sexuality and gender identity of Episcopal clergy is underway - Episcopal News Service

May, 2020

Clergy: Good on Finances But Need Better Habits - The Living Church

March, 2020

CPG Keeps Healthcare Cost Increase Below National Average - The Living Church

February, 2020

Episcopal clergy cartoonists find inspiration turning Christian messages into hand-drawn art - Episcopal News Service

November, 2019

Investing For Impact - The Living Church

October, 2019

Putting their faith in renewable energy - Wind Power Monthly

September, 2019

Extension Ministries and Risk - Episcopal Church Foundation

July, 2019 The Church Pension Group Annual Report at a glance - Episcopal Cafe
May, 2019 CPG/ECF Holds First Success After Seminary Conference of 2019 in Chattanooga TN - Episcopal Church Foundation
April, 2019 to-the-point: Episcopal Church pension fund invests USD 40m in clean energy - Renewables Now
April, 2019 Church Pension Invests $40 Million in Clean Energy Projects - Chief Investment Officer
February, 2019 Thomas Brown elected 10th bishop of Maine in historic vote - Episcopal News Service
January, 2019 Pension Group Releases Report - The Living Church
December, 2018 Episcopal Church Foundation Receives Second Grant From Lilly Endowment – Episcopal Church Foundation
November, 2018 CPG Vice President, Account Management Garth Howe Discusses His Ministry – Thrive Episcopal Diocese of Chicago Magazine
July, 2018 New Development Bank Approves $300 Million Loan for South African Energy Sector – Mercom India
July, 2018 Rev. Thomas J. Brown Named Chairman of Church Pension Fund Board – Pensions&Investments Online
June, 2018 Twenty Minutes with Mary Kate Wold — Meeting Clergy’s Financial Needs – The Living Church
May, 2018 Retirement Solutions by CPG – Episcopal Church Foundation English  Español
May, 2018 Pension Group on Deployment - The Living Church
May, 2018 Church Pension Fund: Moving the needle - Impact Investing Exchange PDF
April, 2018 Fourth Regional "Success After Seminary" Event - Episcopal Church Foundation
March, 2018 Interview with The Church Pension Fund’s Christopher Rowe - Impact Investing Exchange PDF
February, 2018 Episcopal Church shareholder activism works to change gun sale practices - Episcopal News Service
January, 2018 Episcopal Church retirement program being examined - The Philadelphia Tribune
January, 2018 Lay Pensions Survey - The Living Church
January, 2018 Episcopal Pension Invests in Socially Responsible Fund - AI CIO
January, 2018 Church Pension Fund Backs Off-Grid Solar In Africa and Asia With USD 17M - Renewables Now
January, 2018 Church Pension Fund Commits to Off-Grid Solar Debt Fund - Pensions&Investments Online
January, 2018 Church Pension Fund provides US$17 million for off-grid solar loans in Africa and South Asia - PV Tech
November, 2017 Ahead of General Convention, Episcopalians consider Church Pension Fund’s service to a changing church - Episcopal News Service
November, 2017 Developing World Markets Invests in 11 Enterprises to Fight Energy Poverty - Impact Alpha
November, 2017 Pension Group Answers Questions - The Living Church
October, 2017 Church Pension Group's Centennial Conversations Begin Dialogue - Episcopal News Service
October, 2017 Church Pension Group 2017 Regional "Success After Seminary" Meetings - Episcopal Church Foundation
September, 2017 North American Investors Show Pragmatism Over Brexit and Europe - IPE Real Assets
September, 2017 Silverlands Zambia - Uniting Cattle Communities and Creating Fair Markets - Daily Mail, Zambia
July, 2017 BlackRock Raises Largest Renewable Fund in U.K. - Institutional Investor
July, 2017 Pension Fund’s Assets Grow - The Living Church
May, 2017 Church Pension Fund Plans Major Revisions for Greater Flexibility in a Changing Church - Episcopal News Service
March, 2017 More Catholic capital flows toward impact investing - ImpactAlpha
March, 2017 Church Publishing's New Leader - The Living Church
February, 2017 CPG Releases 2016 Report - The Living Church
October, 2016 CPG and ECF Host "Success After Seminary" Conference in NJ - Episcopal Church Foundation
August, 2016 A Priest and His Church - The Living Church
March, 2012 Province IX adopts financial self-sustainability as a focus - Episcopal News Service
March, 2012 Some dioceses want changes in Denominational Health Plan - Episcopal News Service
February, 2012 Churches, sacred spaces - easy targets for thieves? - Episcopal News Service
January, 2012

A message from The Episcopal Church Executive Council - Episcopal News Service

January, 2012 Executive council challenged to engage in adaptive change - Episcopal News Service
January, 2012 Peter James Lee fund established by general seminary - Episcopal News Service

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