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April, 2023

Headlines from three faith-based asset owners - FaithInvest

March, 2023

Church Pension Group issues first report on lay employee compensation

December, 2022

Panel highlights church agencies’ values-based advocacy on behalf of General Convention – Episcopal News Service

August, 2022

Church Pension Fund Launches Search for Next CIO

August, 2022

Free Range Priest - Something To Smile About

August, 2022

Episcopal Clergy Increasingly Identify as LGBTQ - The Living Church

July, 2022

Church Pension Group Stays Connected - The Living Church

February, 2022

Black leaders assess church’s efforts to battle racism during CPG webinar for Black History Month

November, 2021

Geeking Out With CPG’s Compensation Report

August, 2021

When Mulling Extension Ministries, Take Time to Assess Your Risk - Religious Product News

July, 2021

Episcopal Church Pension Fund outpaces benchmark for long-term returns - P&I Online

February, 2021

Pension group launches Choose Well podcast - The Episcopal Journal

January, 2021

Clergy living with mental illness find healing through speaking out - Episcopal News Service

January, 2021

Deacons play an evolving role - The Living Church

November, 2020

Church Pension Group seeks new information on clergy demographics

November, 2020

New CPG Tool Enhances Clergy Compensation Report - The Living Church

November, 2020

Be Part of the Picture! Church Pension Group Collecting data on Diversity in the Church - Diakoneo

October, 2020

First-ever survey of race, sexuality and gender identity of Episcopal clergy is underway - Episcopal News Service

May, 2020

Clergy: Good on Finances But Need Better Habits - The Living Church

March, 2020

CPG Keeps Healthcare Cost Increase Below National Average - The Living Church

February, 2020

Episcopal clergy cartoonists find inspiration turning Christian messages into hand-drawn art - Episcopal News Service

November, 2019

Investing For Impact - The Living Church

October, 2019

Putting their faith in renewable energy - Wind Power Monthly

September, 2019

Extension Ministries and Risk - Episcopal Church Foundation

July, 2019 The Church Pension Group Annual Report at a glance - Episcopal Cafe
May, 2019 CPG/ECF Holds First Success After Seminary Conference of 2019 in Chattanooga TN - Episcopal Church Foundation
April, 2019 to-the-point: Episcopal Church pension fund invests USD 40m in clean energy - Renewables Now
April, 2019 Church Pension Invests $40 Million in Clean Energy Projects - Chief Investment Officer
February, 2019 Thomas Brown elected 10th bishop of Maine in historic vote - Episcopal News Service
January, 2019 Pension Group Releases Report - The Living Church
December, 2018 Episcopal Church Foundation Receives Second Grant From Lilly Endowment – Episcopal Church Foundation
November, 2018 CPG Vice President, Account Management Garth Howe Discusses His Ministry – Thrive Episcopal Diocese of Chicago Magazine
July, 2018 New Development Bank Approves $300 Million Loan for South African Energy Sector – Mercom India
July, 2018 Rev. Thomas J. Brown Named Chairman of Church Pension Fund Board – Pensions&Investments Online
June, 2018 Twenty Minutes with Mary Kate Wold — Meeting Clergy’s Financial Needs – The Living Church
May, 2018 Retirement Solutions by CPG – Episcopal Church Foundation English  Español
May, 2018 Pension Group on Deployment - The Living Church
May, 2018 Church Pension Fund: Moving the needle - Impact Investing Exchange PDF
April, 2018 Fourth Regional "Success After Seminary" Event - Episcopal Church Foundation
March, 2018 Interview with The Church Pension Fund’s Christopher Rowe - Impact Investing Exchange PDF
February, 2018 Episcopal Church shareholder activism works to change gun sale practices - Episcopal News Service
January, 2018 Episcopal Church retirement program being examined - The Philadelphia Tribune
January, 2018 Lay Pensions Survey - The Living Church
January, 2018 Episcopal Pension Invests in Socially Responsible Fund - AI CIO
January, 2018 Church Pension Fund Backs Off-Grid Solar In Africa and Asia With USD 17M - Renewables Now
January, 2018 Church Pension Fund Commits to Off-Grid Solar Debt Fund - Pensions&Investments Online
November, 2017 Ahead of General Convention, Episcopalians consider Church Pension Fund’s service to a changing church - Episcopal News Service
November, 2017 Developing World Markets Invests in 11 Enterprises to Fight Energy Poverty - Impact Alpha
November, 2017 Pension Group Answers Questions - The Living Church
October, 2017 Church Pension Group's Centennial Conversations Begin Dialogue - Episcopal News Service
October, 2017 Church Pension Group 2017 Regional "Success After Seminary" Meetings - Episcopal Church Foundation
September, 2017 North American Investors Show Pragmatism Over Brexit and Europe - IPE Real Assets
September, 2017

Silverlands Zambia - Uniting Cattle Communities and Creating Fair Markets - Daily Mail, Zambia

July, 2017 BlackRock Raises Largest Renewable Fund in U.K. - Institutional Investor
July, 2017 Pension Fund’s Assets Grow - The Living Church
May, 2017 Church Pension Fund Plans Major Revisions for Greater Flexibility in a Changing Church - Episcopal News Service
March, 2017 More Catholic capital flows toward impact investing - ImpactAlpha
March, 2017 Church Publishing's New Leader - The Living Church
February, 2017 CPG Releases 2016 Report - The Living Church
October, 2016 CPG and ECF Host "Success After Seminary" Conference in NJ - Episcopal Church Foundation
August, 2016 A Priest and His Church - The Living Church
March, 2012 Province IX adopts financial self-sustainability as a focus - Episcopal News Service
March, 2012 Some dioceses want changes in Denominational Health Plan - Episcopal News Service
February, 2012 Churches, sacred spaces - easy targets for thieves? - Episcopal News Service
January, 2012

A message from The Episcopal Church Executive Council - Episcopal News Service

January, 2012 Executive council challenged to engage in adaptive change - Episcopal News Service
January, 2012 Peter James Lee fund established by general seminary - Episcopal News Service

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