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The General Convention and Church Pension Group

Did you know that both the lay pension system and the Denominational Health Plan (DHP)  were born of the work of The Church Pension Fund (CPF) in response to the General Convention? In fact, CPF itself was established through actions taken by the General Convention in 1913.

Today, CPF is the sponsor and administrator of The Church Pension Fund Clergy Pension Plan, The Episcopal Church Lay Employees’ Retirement Plan, and other retirement savings plans that help clergy and lay employees prepare for retirement. In addition, The Episcopal Church Medical Trust, a CPF affiliate, administers the DHP.

Along with pension and healthcare benefits, CPF and its affiliated businesses, collectively known as the Church Pension Group (CPG), offer property and casualty insurance as well as liturgical and other published materials for clergy, lay employees, and Church institutions.

The 25-member CPF Board of Trustees, 24 of whom are elected by the General Convention, governs CPG. The CEO and President is the 25th trustee, appointed by the board.

The long history of CPG and the Church has been characterized by service and shared values. Whether preparing for General Convention each triennium or delivering products and services to our clients every day, CPG continually strives to support the Church in accordance with our vision—to provide our clients with the highest possible level of financial security in retirement consistent with exemplary financial stewardship on our part and with the evolving needs of the Church.

81st General Convention Resource Hub

Our General Convention resource hub is a one-stop source for CPG information and updates. Before Louisville, check out the reports to General Convention, trustee nominations, and more.

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CPG’s Response to Resolution A129 - Conduct Historical Research on DFMS Assets Tied to Racial Injustice

Resolution 2022-A129  urged the Church Pension Group (CPG) to conduct historical research on the origins and sources of its assets and to report its findings to its constituents.

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Blue Book Report of the Board of Trustees of The Church Pension Fund

This Blue Book reviews the work of The Church Pension Fund and its three lines of business since the last General Convention.

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The Church Pension Fund Sustainability Report

This response to Resolution 2022-A089 provides information on The Church Pension Fund’s work, alongside the Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility, to use our collective voices as shareholders to encourage financial institutions to align their financing activities to achieve greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. 

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Task Force to Study the Relationship of The Episcopal Church and The Church Pension Fund

Resolution 2018-A060 asked CPF and the Executive Council of The Episcopal Church to study the historical and current relationship of The Episcopal Church and CPF to offer greater clarity on their respective roles, responsibilities, and authority. The Executive Council and CPF issued a joint report on this study.

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Study Parity Between Lay and Clergy Pensions

Resoluti­on 2018-A237 urged CPF to report on the current state of parity between the pensions of lay and ordained Church employees, domestic and non-domestic Church employees, and Church employees of disparate incomes, with a particular focus on how income disparities are manifested across gender and racial or ethnic lines, understanding that working income directly affects pension benefits.

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Divest from Fossil Fuel Companies and Reinvest in Clean Energy

Resolution 2018-A020 urged CPF to be mindful of the Church’s desire to become increasingly invested in renewable and clean energy and requested that CPF provide a report that includes a sustainability plan.

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Report to the House of Deputies Committee on the State of the Church, Church Pension Group Subcommittee

This 2017 Report responds to a series of questions submitted by the subcommittee and addresses CPG’s relationship to the Church, CPG’s pension and health benefits programs, its financial sustainability, and its investment strategy.

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