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Read past issues of CPG Connect featuring resources to support your well-being and articles exploring CPG benefits and our work supporting those who serve the Church.

CPG Connect Winter 2024 - Did You Know?

Fidelity and CPG: Helping You Fund Your Future

Resources for setting and achieving your financial goals for retirement

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Vintage Voice: Freedom!

Reflections on what CPG means to the Rev. Bruce Lomas and his family

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From Financial Health to Emotional Well-Being, Help Is at Hand

Utilizing The Episcopal Church Medical Trust’s Employee Assistance Program

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Extraordinary Circumstances, Special Assistance

How CPG’s Fund for Special Assistance can help provide financial relief

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Bishops Crossing Borders: Enlightened, Encouraged, Enriched

Connecting through CPG’s Bishops Conference

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Digital Programming: Make Worship Planning a Breeze

A comprehensive library of liturgical and music resources

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CPG Connect Fall 2023 - Counting on Us

New Leaders

Welcoming Michael J. Hood, our Chief Investment Officer, and the Rev. Canon Arlette D. Benoit Joseph, Senior Vice President and Church Relations Officer

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Benefits Update

New dental vendor, changing beneficiaries online, Group Medicare Advantage, and more

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Who Is the Church? Reflecting the Numbers

Fostering understanding through data

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The New Weather Paradigm: Church Insurance on Staying Prepared

Tips for combatting the increasing financial strain

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Book Look: Faith and Finances

Resources for boosting your work

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Spring 2023 - An Array of Resources

What Lay Employees Can Do Now

Canon Hardy on what lay employees can do to boost their financial outlook

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Lay Resources: More Than Meets the Eye

Lesser-known offerings for retirement planning

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Enduring Peace of Mind

One-on-one retirement and beneficiary assistance—plus transforming healthcare access

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We Hear You!

Our various methods for inviting client feedback


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Author’s Corner: Worth It & Wonderful

Bold inspiration for Christian women


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2022 Year-End Issue - Looking Back, Moving Forward

Building on 2022

CPG leaders reflect on key ways we have worked with The Episcopal Church and consider what’s in store for next year and beyond.

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Health Benefits: What’s New

We’re offering enhanced products, services, and resources.

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Church Insurance: Anticipating and Improvising

How do we help set our clients’ minds at ease when their worlds are upended?

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Creative Investing: Music to Our Ears

Our investments include everything from solar energy and carbon allowances to music royalties.

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Author’s Corner: En Español

Church Publishing is expanding our inventory of Spanish-language resources.

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Fall 2022 - Volatility, Values, and Voices

Holding Steady in Volatile Markets

Our investment strategy is both long-term and diversified.

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Continuity—with Fresh Perspectives

“I’m pleased to lead trustee support for CPG in helping reduce the stress that clergy and lay employees may feel about their retirement and ongoing healthcare.”


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CPG and General Convention

Each General Convention re-energizes us at CPG as we learn new ways to help the Church with its work.

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Your CPG Benefits in Action

Clergy, lay employees, and a surviving spouse reflect on making the most of healthcare benefits, financial education, and pensions.



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Church Publishing Author Honored at the White House

The words—and actions—of Church Publishing author Catherine Meeks, PhD, have reached all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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Spring 2022

Lay Pension Parity: A Collaboration with General Convention

Parity between clergy and lay pensions is a topic on the minds of many of our clients.

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Checking the Gender Identity Box

To help meet the needs of nonbinary clients, CPG made a change that could spark others.

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Questions Answered: The CPF Board Zeroes In

Collaboration with the Church, pension parity, and the role of compassion in decision-making are just a few of the topics covered by three board members.

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Ready for Life’s Storms: Church Insurance Leads the Way

Our property and casualty insurance team provides assistance even before disaster strikes.

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We Heard You, Benefits Administrators!

Our new self-service My Admin Portal (MAP) helps benefits administrators save time and effort.

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Fall 2021

CPG: Here to Listen, Share, and Serve

Peruse the handy list of CPG resources addressing the evolving needs of clergy and lay employees.

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Vintage Voice

The Church Pension Fund: Putting Time on My Side

Clocks have always regulated my days: time to get kids up and to school, complete hospital rounds, see office patients, return calls, finish charts, and make evening rounds before finally heading home.

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Worshipping Online: New World, New Risks

Online services allow congregations to reach people near and far, yet financial risks loom if churches fail to take precautions.

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A Healthy Change: Enhanced Retiree Benefits

For eligible retirees, Group Medicare Advantage means widespread improvements.

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In Service: The Church Pension Fund Board

Board members answer three common questions about how, exactly, they guide The Church Pension Fund so that it has sufficient assets to cover current and future obligations.

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Bringing Beloved Community into Focus

To track trends in deployment and compensation, CPG began inviting all clergy to share personal race, ethnicity, gender identity, and sexual orientation information.

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Winter 2021 – Living Our Values

Around the Church

From educational webinars for individuals to virtual conferences for administrators, our resources provide support.

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