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Benefits Update

Fall 2023

Our New Dental Vendor and Annual Enrollment

John Servais, CPG’s Senior Vice President of Benefits Policy and Design, explains how members in The Episcopal Church Medical Trust (Medical Trust) may be affected by the change in dental vendors.

How is Annual Enrollment for dental coverage different this year?

We’re replacing our current dental vendor (Cigna) with Delta Dental, one of the leading providers of dental benefits.

For active members and pre-65 former employees, their eligible spouses, and dependents, Annual Enrollment will be active. This means that if a participating group offers dental coverage through the Medical Trust, a Delta Dental plan option must be selected during Annual Enrollment for members and their eligible dependents to have dental coverage through the Medical Trust in 2024. This is different from past years when we continued benefits for members who did not actively enroll.

Eligible retired members and their eligible spouses who are age 65 or older do not have to enroll in dental benefits to continue coverage. We will enroll them in a Delta Dental plan option through the Medical Trust that is most like their current Cigna dental plan. Making changes is optional, not mandatory.

However, for an eligible spouse who is not yet 65 years old and for dependents, this is an active enrollment: They need to sign in to MyCPG Accounts and make their health plan selections, including a Delta Dental plan option, during Annual Enrollment. They will not be automatically enrolled in a Delta Dental plan.

Watch for CPG communications so you don’t miss the opportunity to sign up for 2024 dental coverage that offers an extensive network of nationwide dentists considered among the nation’s best.

What if a member is in the middle of dental work?

Members should call Delta Dental to understand their transition of care benefits.

Why Delta Dental?

We chose Delta Dental because it has the largest national network of dentists, giving our members greater access to in-network dental care. The broader in-network coverage means we can significantly enhance the benefits for using Delta Dental network providers.

During Annual Enrollment, will members also have to select a new medical plan?

It depends. If their current medical plan is being offered for 2024, their enrollment in the plan will roll over into 2024, and any rate changes will apply. If they want to change their plan or their current plan is no longer being offered, they will need to enroll in a new plan. We encourage members to review their medical plan choices and think about their benefits.

Where can I find out more?

Be sure to view the plan benefit highlight sheets and member resources at or call Delta Dental with your questions at (888) 894-7059. Visit our 2024 Annual Enrollment page for more information about health plan options and make your selections during your enrollment session.

Benefits in Action

Over the past year, CPG enhanced a variety of benefits.

  • Hinge Health, an online physical therapy program, is already serving hundreds of members

  • $432 million in benefits paid to clergy, lay employees, and their dependents 1,2

We also are focused on raising awareness about benefits among lay employees so that they don't miss out on any benefits, products, and services available to them. We're spreading the word through CPG Connect newsletter articles, conferences for benefits administrators, and presentations to lay employees.

To learn more about our benefits in action, see the Business Updates section of our 2023 Annual Report.

Keeping Up with Group Medicare Advantage

The UnitedHealthcare® Group Medicare Advantage (GMA) PPO plan that CPG introduced in 2022 helps eligible retired clergy and lay employees* manage health expenses not covered by Medicare.

While we were able to hold the line on GMA premiums between 2022 and 2023, rates will rise by 11% in 2024. To help offset the higher GMA plan premiums in 2024, The Church Pension Fund is increasing the monthly post-retirement health subsidy provided to eligible retired clergy with at least 10 years of Credited Service under the Clergy Pension Plan—and their eligible spouses.

The size of the subsidy is commensurate with years of earned Credited Service. The full subsidy, which is provided to eligible retired clergy with 20 years or more of Credited Service and their eligible spouses, will increase from $286 per person to $317 per person in 2024.

New! Review Your Beneficiaries Online

After you make your health plan selections during Annual Enrollment, look for the Beneficiaries tab on MyCPG Accounts, where you can review and update your beneficiaries for select plans and policies.

*Eligible clergy, eligible lay employees, and eligible spouses must be enrolled in Medicare part A and B.

1 April 1, 2022, to March 31, 2023
2 Includes pension and other benefits (e.g., medical supplement, life insurance, etc.)