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From Financial Health to Emotional Well-Being, Help Is at Hand


Are you looking for a smoking cessation program? A pet sitter for your dog? An accountant who specializes in clergy taxes? Do you need help making an estate plan or finding a well-staffed daycare center? Perhaps you’re dealing with the aftermath of identity theft or struggling to connect with a moody teenager. If so, The Episcopal Church Medical Trust’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through Cigna has you covered.

This confidential 24-hour service provides referrals to agencies and trained professionals who can guide eligible employees, their dependents, and anyone in the employee’s household to solutions to everyday challenges, all at no cost. When longer-term issues arise—for instance, substance abuse, an eating disorder, the loss of a loved one—the program can connect members with dedicated, licensed counselors.

The EAP covers up to 10 psychological counseling sessions per issue per year at no cost to the member. This is because stressors—big and small, personal and professional—can destabilize people’s moods and behaviors and thus threaten their livelihood.

According to CPG’s Director of Health Benefits, Andrew Brown, “historically, employee assistance programs have been stigmatized, but society has come a long way in valuing mental health and understanding how stress can undermine our overall well-being. These programs recognize the importance of being centered and emotionally healthy. They really can help clergy and lay employees—and their family members—tackle all kinds of issues.”

So why not take advantage of this great benefit today?

As one lay employee pointed out, “I used the Employee Assistance Program for the very first time during the pandemic, when my teenage daughter was struggling emotionally. They were able to provide me with an extensive list of mental health care providers.”

“I contacted the EAP for help identifying assisted living locations for my mother,” a clergyperson said. “They were very effective at assessing our needs, understanding the limitations, and providing me with a list of well-researched facilities to explore.”

Are You Eligible?

This program (* or 866-395-7794) is part of the Medical Trust’s Cigna, Anthem, and Kaiser health plans for active clergy and lay employees and in the UnitedHealthcare Group Medicare® Advantage (PPO) Plan for retirees.

Some employers may offer the EAP as a standalone benefit to employees who are eligible but not enrolled in a Medical Trust health plan. Ask your benefits administrator whether you are enrolled in the EAP.

*If you previously registered a myCigna account while you had a Cigna-administered medical or dental plan, you may need to reregister to access online EAP resources.

Here's Help! 

Join Cigna’s Employee Assistance Program webinar to learn about the many benefits:

Tuesday, March 5, at 12:00 PM ET or 3:00 PM ET

Don’t Miss Out on

  • one free 30-minute financial consultation per topic
  • one free 30-minute legal consultation per topic
  • one free 60-minute consultation on identity theft
  • 25% off specific attorney’s fees and tax preparation software*

*Customers are required to pay the entire discounted charge for any discounted legal and/or financial services. Legal consultations related to employment matters are excluded. Additional restrictions may apply.

Free Access to

Wellness Webcasts

  • on learning to say no
  • avoiding and eliminating debt
  • processing the impact of racial injustice

Mental Health Seminars

  • on raising resilient children
  • understanding the challenges faced by a transgender or nonbinary colleague
  • recognizing when someone is a victim of sex trafficking

Guided Meditations
(in 18 languages, including American Sign Language)

  • to prepare for sleep
  • cultivate positive emotions
  • work with difficult feelings and physical sensations

Disaster Resource Center

  • for designing a family emergency plan
  • helping children cope with loss and grief
  • protecting yourself during floods, hurricanes, mass attacks, and more

Suicide Awareness and Prevention

  • risk factors for teenagers
  • warning signs
  • what to do if someone’s behavior alarms you

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