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International Support: Aiding Healthcare Beyond the United States

Fall, 2020

In many countries outside the United States, there is often a long waiting list to access healthcare through national insurance programs. CPG created the Fund for Medical Assistance to provide financial aid to the international dioceses of The Episcopal Church that could not benefit from the Denominational Health Plan.

Right after the election of a new bishop, one of the candidates had a stroke. The medical attention he received at the hospital was not the best, with all kinds of delays. I told the new bishop to take him to a private doctor and that the diocese could pick up the bill. The new bishop said they had only enough funds to pay salaries. When I told him that the Church Pension Group’s Fund for Medical Assistance could provide emergency help when there’s a financial hardship, he was so relieved.

a former bishop in Province IX

Through this funding—available annually to each diocese on a limited basis—eligible clients are able to access private medical services for expenses such as medication, surgery—even transportation to appointments—sometimes shortening the wait time from eighteen months to as little as two or three. For pressing medical conditions, this change has meant a huge positive difference in people’s health.

“A misconception in the beginning was that this program was only for clergy,” Timothy Vanover, CPG’s Vice President, Integrated Benefits Account Management Services (IBAMS), notes. “But it’s actually for eligible lay employees as well, and now even retirees can benefit.”

Zachary Peterson, Senior Account Specialist, IBAMS, adds, “It’s been so gratifying to hear stories from bishops who’ve requested this type of assistance, on behalf of their employees, about how that financial relief has changed lives. They’re so thankful to CPG.”

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