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Read articles from past issues of The Good Steward. Brought to you by Church Insurance Companies, The Good Steward features insights and important information on risk management best practices and insurance coverage updates.

April 2021

Risk Management: Prevent and Eradicate Vandalism

Take steps to diminish the risks of vandalism.

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Policy Spotlight: Umbrella vs. Excess

Understand the difference so you know how much coverage you need.

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Vestry Corner: Encouraging Diversity in Church Leadership

Prepare to receive the gift of diverse leadership by facing truths and nurturing authentic relationships.

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Health and Wellness: Nudging Others in the Right Direction

Use CPG’s resources and build community ties to encourage wellness.

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From the Claims Desk: Slip-and-Fall Prevention

Start your inspection at the perimeter of the property and work inward.

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February 2021

Risk Management: 4 Steps to Protecting Unoccupied Buildings

Little-used buildings are at greater risk of damage and break-ins if you don’t inspect them regularly.

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Get to Know Christopher Rourke: New CIC Senior Vice President and General Manager

Chris shares his thoughts about protecting sacred spaces, applying technology to insurance, and adapting to the pandemic.

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Vestry Corner: Plan Ahead to Find the Right People

One parish reveals its strategy for recruiting effective vestry members.

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Contemplative Knitting: Knit Your Way to a More Spiritual Life

A new book from Church Publishing Incorporated helps mold a hobby into a spiritual practice.

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From the Claims Desk: Winter Weather Roof Hazards

Could your roof be in danger of collapse?

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December 2020

Risk Management: Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Religious Organizations

Keep these best practices in mind as you broaden your online reach.

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Policy Spotlight: Employee Dishonesty Coverage

Institute controls to make sure no one has too much influence over your organization’s finances.

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Vestry Corner: Virtual Fundraising

How others have set up e-giving.  

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Children’s Gift Ideas from Church Publishing Incorporated

Books can make wonderful Christmas gifts for kids of all ages.

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From the Claims Desk: Maintaining Unused Buildings

Even if your buildings have little or no foot traffic, continue to care for them as before.

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October 2020

Virtual Church: Streaming Services to Reach Community

Your congregation may not be able to be physically present in church right now, but you can still reach out to them by streaming services.

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Welcome Christopher Rourke

Christopher R. Rourke was appointed Senior Vice President and General Manager of The Church Insurance Companies.

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The Affordable Care Act: What Every Nonprofit Should Know

It’s important for organizations to keep up with the ACA’s mandates to ensure they are in compliance.

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Preparing Room: Advent Contemplation Resource

The faithful await the arrival of Jesus during Advent: a time for both preparation and reflection. This new resource from Church Publishing Incorporated acts as a companion.

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From the Claims Desk: Protect Equipment and Property During Power Loss

Follow these procedures to make sure power loss doesn’t result in other kinds of loss for your facilities.

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August 2020

Why Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance Matters

Protect your organization from incidents where church leaders neglect or even knowingly commit acts not in the best interest of your community.

Protect against Wrongful Acts.

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Vestry Corner: Safety Steps for Reopening Offices

These six ideas are a good place to begin helping employees and volunteers stay safer when they return to the office.

Follow the guidelines.

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Beyond the Pandemic: Preparing for the Coming Year

These new publications from Church Publishing Incorporated take a look at planning for the year ahead – and that includes conversations about churches and schools during and after the pandemic.

Think ahead.

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From the Claims Desk: Don’t Skip These Three Tasks

We’ve narrowed the focus to three tasks that absolutely should not be neglected at this time or year.

Cross these items off your list.

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Safe Driving Checklist

Although long trips with large groups may not be in your organization’s near future, many religious organizations are still running programs that involve driving.

Check the list.

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June 2020: Emergency Kits and Go-Bags: Prepare Your Community

June 2020: Family and Medical Leave, What You Need to Know

June 2020: Bishop Greg Rickel: Church Pension Group Trustee

June 2020: From the Claims Desk: Volunteers and Warm Weather Equipment

April 2020-Wildfires Can Happen Anywhere

April 2020-Vestry Corner: Tips for Construction Projects on Church Property

April 2020-From the Claims Desk: 5 Situations When You Should Call a Professional

April 2020-The Very Best Day: Writer and Artist Roger Hutchison Talks Love and Life

April 2020-Exceptional Professionalism and Fast Resolution: Claim Testimonials

March 2020-Business Update: Church Insurance Listens and Adapts

March 2020-From the Claims Desk: Thwarting Church Thieves

March 2020-Bits of Heaven: Seasonal Appreciation and Contemplation

March 2020-Policy Spotlight: Church Organs—Many Forms, Many Considerations

Jan 2020: Paperless Workplace: Make a Safe Transition

Jan 2020: Policy Spotlight: Vacancy Clause Limits

Jan 2020: Make This Your Year to Get in Shape—Physically and Spiritually

Jan 2020: From the Claims Desk: Midwinter Maintenance


Nov 2019: Are Your Christmas Decorations Fire Hazards?

Nov 2019: Business Update: On the Ground and in Contact

Nov 2019: Policy Spotlight: Property Insurance and the Episcopal Safety Program

Nov 2019: Take the Pressure Off Planning

Nov 2019: From the Claims Desk: Seven Winter Weather Suggestions

Sept 2019: Receiving Jesus: The Way of Love, Find Your Path

Sept 2019: From the Claims Desk, Back to School and Autumn Updates

Sept 2019: Policy Spotlight, Easy-to-Read, Simplified Forms

Sept 2019: Business Update, Reduced Named Storm Deductibles

Sept 2019: Safe Ministries, Vulnerable Populations

July 2019: From the Claims Desk, Don’t Relax Safety in the Summer

July 2019: Green Corner, Environmental Tips and Tricks for Summertime

July 2019: How Technology Helps Drive Our Efficiency

July 2019: Stay Prepared, Five Easy Steps for Running Drills

July 2019: Security Systems, Do They Really Deter Crime?

May 2019: Spring and Summer Weather Events: Get Ready

May 2019: Hosting Successful Events on Church Property

May 2019: Faithful Celebrations Series: A Memorial Day to Remember

May 2019: From the Claims Desk: A Safe Workplace for Volunteers and Employees

March 2019: Church Insurance Considering Changing its Coverage for Sexual Misconduct

March 2019: Vandalism: Prevent and Eradicate It

March 2019: Overcoming Inertia to Plan for Disaster

March 2019: Green Corner: Five Spring Cleaning Tips for One Healthier Planet

March 2019: From the Claims Desk: Spring Clean-up Can Prevent Claims

January 2019: Boiler Maintenance: A Necessary Cost-Saver

January 2019: How To Increase Volunteerism

January 2019: How To Keep Money-Handling Above Board

January 2019: From The Claims Desk: Slip-And-Falls


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