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The Good Steward

Beyond the Pandemic: Preparing for the Coming Year

August, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and how we interact with each other. The Episcopal Church has faced its own challenges—and has overwhelmingly responded to the difficulties with an outflowing of creativity and connection.

Future Gathering

Looking forward to a post-pandemic time, thought leaders from the Episcopal community have penned essays that have been gathered in We Shall Be Changed: Questions for the Post-Pandemic Church. This collection of thoughtful reflections will be available in September through Church Publishing Incorporated (CPI).

The essays address such questions as how to manage the recent upset to church finances, work with the people in your community who may have faced devastating losses, and bring people back together in a supportive way in a new world.

They were written to encourage community conversation about current and future events, all while facing difficult truths, embracing gifts, and anticipating new challenges.

Planning Ahead

Structure may be especially important now. Enter CPI’s 2020-2021 edition of Planning for Rites and Rituals: A Resource for Episcopal Worship.

This liturgical season planner for worship can provide a jumping-off point for any events in the coming year. You can make preparation easier for Sundays and Feast Days by consulting this resource’s suggestions for worship and formation. They include rites, readings, prayers, litanies, blessings, pageants, hymns, and checklists for each season.

Acting as a leader in the church is a position of great responsibility regardless of world events. Both We Shall Be Changed and Planning for Rites and Rituals can give you inspiration and ideas as you continue to provide solace and support to Church members in uncertain times.