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From the Claims Desk: Maintaining Unused Buildings

December, 2020

Many religious institutions don’t have the same in-person traffic as before the COVID-19 pandemic, with some buildings being used much less frequently, or not at all.

Sam Carucci, Vice President, Claims, Church Insurance, has some recommendations for keeping your facilities in tip-top shape. Even though no one can accurately predict the return to in-person services and activities, Sam says that church leaders should behave as though it could happen at any time.  

Regular Maintenance

“The buildings should continue to be maintained as if people are using them,” he says. “Weather doesn’t stop. Even normal weather can cause building issues, and extreme weather can cause extreme issues.”

Carucci points out that different areas of the country may present distinct challenges, but church leaders should continue to address problems that arise and stick to maintenance schedules. “Keep mowing the lawn, keep shoveling the walks and parking lot. In short, maintain the property as usual.”

He also suggests keeping entrances and exits clear, continuing to use wet-weather floor mats, and inspecting the property for trip-and-fall hazards. “Although incidents have decreased because fewer people are on the property, now is your chance to take proactive measures to prevent problems when you re-open,” Carucci says.

Less people traffic may also make it an ideal time to finish construction projects or do anything you might have been putting off to avoid inconveniencing visitors.

Protocols in Place

Carucci also suggests that religious organizations continue to be wary of the dangers of COVID-19, even if restrictions are relaxed or lifted. He encourages church leaders to concentrate on preventing transmission by following the guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control.