Church Pension Group | Commitment to Equality

Stopping the Hate

March 2021

Cries to “Stop Asian Hate” have grown louder in the wake of recent verbal and physical attacks against people of Asian descent in the United States. The murders of six Asian women, a white woman, and a white man in Atlanta this week have ignited activism on the issue, but attacks against people of Asian descent are not new.

At CPG, we actively oppose racism of all kinds. We do the work of understanding microaggressions and stereotypes and the impacts they have on our people and our culture.

We grieve the loss of safety and loss of life that too many people of color have endured, and we stand with The Episcopal Church and millions of others in saying “no more.” It is time to stop Asian hate and all forms of racism, wherever they exist.  

A Commitment to Equality 

June 2020

Like so many of you, we at the Church Pension Group (CPG) mourn the senseless deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many other black Americans. The sin of systemic racism affects us all, and we stand united with The Episcopal Church and with others who are proactively pursuing change. 

Diversity, inclusion, and equality are critical to the health of our organization and integral to our service to the Church. We take care to recruit, develop, and promote talented employees of color into positions of authority because we believe diversity at every level at CPG contributes to our success. Whether we are tackling business issues from diverse perspectives, working with vendors from various backgrounds, collecting and sharing insights regarding racial, ethnic, and other demographic data to help the Church more fully understand trends in deployment and compensation, or publishing books and other materials that aid in pursuing racial reconciliation, we remain committed to Becoming Beloved Community, to being—and doing—better.

We have reiterated that there is zero tolerance for racism at CPG, and our commitment to equality informs everything that we do as an employer, a corporate citizen, and an organization that supports and serves the Church.

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