The Medical Trust Disclaimer

Church Pension Group Services Corporation (“CPGSC”), doing business as The Episcopal Church Medical Trust (the Medical Trust) maintains a series of benefit plans (the “Plans”) for employees (and their dependants) of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America (hereinafter referred to as “the Church”). The Medical Trust serves only ecclesiastical societies, dioceses, missionary districts, or other bodies subject to the authority of the Church. The Plans that are self funded are funded by the Episcopal Church Clergy and Employees’ Benefit Trust (“ECCEBT”), a voluntary employees’ beneficiary association within the meaning of section 501(c)(9) of the Internal Revenue Code.

This website contains only a partial description of the Plans intended for informational purposes only. It should not be viewed as a contract, an offer of coverage, or investment, tax, medical, or other advice. In the event of a conflict between this information contained on this website and the official Plan documents (schedule of benefits, Summary Plan Description, booklet, booklet-certificate), the official Plan documents will govern. The Church Pension Fund and its affiliates, including but not limited to the Medical Trust, CPGSC and ECCEBT (collectively, “CPG”), retain the right to amend, terminate, or modify the terms of the Plans, as well as any post-retirement health subsidy, at any time, for any reason and unless required by law, without notice.

The Plans are church plans within the meaning of section 3(33) of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act and section 414(e) of the Internal Revenue Code. Not all Plans are available in all areas of the United States, and not all Plans are available on both a self-funded and fully insured basis. The Plans do not cover all health care expenses, and Members should read the official Plan documents carefully to determine which benefits are covered, as well as any applicable exclusions, limitations, and procedures.

CPG does not provide any health care services and therefore cannot guarantee any results or outcomes. Health care providers and vendors are independent contractors in private practice and are neither employees nor agents of CPG. The availability of any particular provider cannot be guaranteed, and provider network composition is subject to change.