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User Consent Agreement

I am authorized to use this website for myself and for any person or institution – including any related institutions and their employees and agents – on whose behalf I am acting (collectively, the “covered parties”).

Any information that I submit through a website or other method of collection to The Church Pension Fund and its affiliates (collectively, “CPG”) with respect to myself and the covered parties (hereinafter, along with all future corrections and additions, the “data”) is complete and accurate, and I am authorized to provide the data to CPG.

The covered parties and I (hereinafter, “we”) will not share our passwords or any confidential data that we receive from CPG (hereinafter “CPG data”) with any unauthorized individuals. We will safeguard our passwords and any CPG data, and we will notify CPG immediately if any password or confidential CPG data is lost or stolen.

We will comply with all applicable laws and policies with respect to our use of this website, including CPG’s Terms and Conditions.

We release CPG from any liability resulting from CPG's good-faith use or sharing of the data.

If my contact information changes, including specifically my email address, it is my obligation to notify CPG promptly of this change by submitting the change to the CPG Electronic Records Administrator through the contact below.

We understand and consent to the viewing, use, recording, sharing, and retention of the data for any purpose that is consistent with CPG’s Privacy Policy.

I consent to receiving electronic records and to using an electronic signature to sign, consent and/or accept such records. The act of clicking on “Submit” or any similar button will constitute my electronic signature. I understand that electronic records and/or electronic signatures have the same legal effect, validity, and enforceability as paper records and written signatures.

I have the right to withdraw my consent at any time to the use of electronic records and electronic signatures and to have electronic records provided or made available to me in paper form or, at my request, electronic form. To withdraw my consent, I must notify the CPG Electronic Records Administrator through the contact below. This withdrawal will not affect lawfulness of the processing that occurred prior to the withdrawal.

This consent applies to all transactions involving the use of electronic records in the course of my employment with CPG and/or my participation in any CPG employee benefit plan or program.

Notwithstanding my consent to the use of electronic records, I may obtain a paper copy of any electronic record by submitting a request to the CPG Electronic Records Administrator through the contact below.

We understand that the information contained in a CPG website should not be viewed as investment, tax, legal, or other advice.

We understand that, in the event of a conflict between the information contained in a CPG website and the official plan documents or contracts, the official plan documents or contracts will govern.

We understand that CPG retains the right to amend, terminate, or modify the terms of any plan or contract described in a CPG website, without notice and for any reason.

In order to access and store electronic records, I understand that I will need the following hardware and software:  access to a personal computer as well as browser software as well as Adobe Reader to read any PDFs. Different browser settings may be required depending on the type of software that is used.

We understand that all information supplied to CPG will be retained in accordance with our Records Retention Policy.

CPG Electronic Records Administrator:

Roland Ramos
(212) 592-6276

Last Revised: November 10, 2021

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