Church Pension Group | Survey Terms & Conditions

Survey Terms & Conditions

  • I understand that The Church Pension Fund and its affiliates (collectively, “CPG”) uses external on-line survey software for administering surveys.
  • I understand that my responses to any survey may be viewed by the CPG personnel responsible for the review and analysis of survey data. However, CPG does not intend to disclose your identity or individual responses to any third party.
  • I understand and consent to the use and sharing of the survey data for any purpose consistent with our Privacy Policy
  • I give CPG permission to follow-up with me on my responses to the survey. 
  • I release CPG from any liability resulting from CPG's good-faith use or sharing of the data.
  • If any of the CPG plans are described in this survey:
    • I understand that if there is a conflict between the information contained in this survey and the official plan documents or contracts, the official plan documents or contracts will govern.
    • I understand that CPG retains the right to amend, terminate, or modify the terms of any plan or contract without notice and for any reason.
  • I understand that the information contained in this survey should not be viewed as investment, tax, legal, or other advice.
  • I consent to the use of an electronic signature to sign, consent, and accept these terms. The act of clicking on “Submit” or any similar button will constitute my electronic signature to evidence my agreement with each of these statements. I understand that electronic signatures have the same legal effect, validity, and enforceability as paper records and written signatures.