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Reports & Statistics


Dr. Matthew Price

Learn more about our SVP of Research and Data and his work as head of CPG's Research Group.

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Lay Retirement Readiness

Insights from CPG research on Episcopal church lay employee retirement readiness and listening to concerns from around the Church.

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Adapting to the New Clergy Reality

Insights & Ideas

In recognition of 100 years of service Church Pension Group (CPG) has hosted a series of centennial conversations addressing topics of interest to the church — The Demographics of a Changing Church and Investing for Positive Impact. Also, see Insights & Ideas Videos.

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Church Compensation

Read the latest National, Provincial, and Diocesan Analysis of Clergy Compensation.

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Additional Resources

Called to Serve

A Study of Clergy Careers, Clergy Wellness, and Clergy Women

CPG Leadership

Meet CPG's Executive Management

Reports & Statistics

See all reports by CPG's Office of Research and Recorder of Ordinations


Annual Reports, Perspective, and other publications

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For reports on church growth, church facts, parochial reports, community demographics and church leadership, go to: