Church Pension Group | Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

CPG has a long-standing commitment to operate in an environmentally responsible, sustainable manner.  Throughout our operations and via green initiatives in products we offer, CPG strives to promote sustainable business practices.  This commitment is supported by the Board of Trustees and top management and is measured by regular reports to them.  Our employee commitment is evidenced by active participation in our Green Team and the actions each day by our employees.

Some of our efforts include:

  • LEED Gold certification - CPG's headquarters in New York have received LEED Gold certification for our implementation of environmentally sustainable practices in the construction and operation of our office.
  • Field Agent Transportation – The agents for Church Insurance Agency Corporation receive higher transportation reimbursements when they use hybrid automobiles for business travel.
  • Investments in Green Initiatives – The Church Pension Fund has made a commitment to invest in sustainable and environmentally responsible opportunities that meet CPF’s investment objectives.
  • Electronic Statements and Publications – Throughout CPG, we encourage the use of electronic publishing for documents and statements. We work with our benefits partners to provide their benefits statements electronically, and offer all documents, from the annual report to our pension plan guides, electronically. If possible, enrollments and account updates are processed electronically.
  • Green Publishing – Church Publishing continues to work with its vendors to publish its print titles using green processes and sustainable paper sources. The growth of our electronic offerings has reduced the demand for print titles.
  • Facilities Management – Through the efforts of CPG’s employee Green Team and facilities management, we follow sustainable practices in running our office. Our efforts include using low-VOC paints and carpets, tele- and video-conferencing to replace travel, sustainable construction methods and furniture selection, using energy saving and recycled supplies, and recycling. 

It you are interested in a career at CPG, see Careers for more information.